Tantra Massage Women - Shakti Massage

Tantra Massage Women – Shakti Massage

Tantra Massage Women – Shakti Massage


Traditional Tantra teachings say expectations are limitations and with that come psychological anxiety, fear and insecurities.We therefore say “Arrive as you, not as what you think it will be expected of you”.


  • The Giver is not a receiver
  • The Receiver is not a giver

Golden rules:

  • No space for sexual practices in our Tantra Massage/ Tantra Erotic Massage
  • No space for mutual touch/mutual pleasuring
  • The massage is given on a mattress on the floor
  • The Receiver receives the massage unclothed/ The Give gives the massage unclothed


Tantra Massage Women – Shakti Massage

We devote our Tantra Wisdom and Tantra Massage skills to share with women the liberating beauty around a neutral and asexual body so that women can love like goddesses without attachments, fear, insecurity. Through direct experience we can learn to love abundantly beyond the limitations of sex and sexuality and beyond the need for the other, when we reach this point of consciousness we can then love with a clear and a free heart.  Call 07766890826 or email enquiry@peacequiet.co.uk