Tantra Massage Men - Shiva Massage

Tantra Massage Men – Shiva Massage

Tantra Massage Men – Shiva Massage

At PeaceQuiet Tantra Massage Temple Tantra (erotic) Massages are composed of sets of beautiful rituals:

  • Washing Ritual
  • Yeb -Yab Ritual
  • Greeting Ritual
  • Gluteus Massage Ritual
  • Lingham Massage Ritual
  • Feeding Ritual
  • Tea Ritual

as well as:

  • Chaotic Meditation
  • Laughing Meditation
  • Meditation
  • Yeb-Yab energetic dance

Option One

Tantra Erotic massage.
A full body massage that does massage the Erogenous Zones of the body.​

In a nutshell:

Our massages are self-centred.
The focus of our Tantra massages is on the Receiver not the Giver; Tantra massage does not cater for:

  • mutual touch
  • mutual pleasuring
  • reverse role

The very beauty and effectiveness of our Tantra massages does depend on simple but very effective rules:

  • The Receiver is not a giver
  • The Giver is not a receiver

There is no space for sex in Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage

Option Two

Tantra Massage
A “full body massage” that Does Not massage the Erogenous Zones of the body.

Erogenous Zones:​

  • Mouth
  • Gluteus
  • Lingam asexual divine male aspect
  • For us these Erogenous Zones

As pleasurable as they are these are Not Sexual Organs. It’s hard to believe, but it is what it is. Sex is an attitude a label unecessery to our Tantra massage. It will be a mistake and counterproductive to approach tantra massage with sex driven Westernised eyes.

For the duration of tantra erotic massage p-l-e-a-s-e forget all that you know about the human body or you will miss the whole poin of Tantra Erotic Massage.

Let us demonstrate an alternative way; another possibility which is we call neutrality – no purpose, no mind, no body, no culture, no society! Just here now and the celebration of the moment unfolding.