Tantra Massage Couples

Tantra Massage Couples

Tantra Massage Couples

There is a massage called Tantra Massage and there is a sexuality called tantric sexuality but Tantra is not a massage and is not a guideline or a tradition for sex.

  • Tantra is from India and Tibet BC
  • Tantra massage is from Germany 1975
  • Tantric sex is from Britain XVIII
  • Tantric sexuality USA Germany and the UK late 1990s


In Tantra teachings:

  • In the eyes of the divine, we are one.
  • In the eyes of non-duality, we are not separate.
  • Men and women only appear in the eyes of the material mind.
  • Mind reads physical differences and immediately creates the illusion of a separation that does not exist.


To resolve the emotional implications of this falsehoods we have developed a number of concepts such as two halves becoming one in mind in body and in soul and this is regarded by the Tantras as the root of all problems.

The body is complete by itself it can never become one with anything or anyone.
Physical Oneness is a false concept. When we say we are one what we actually mean is this: we are sharing the same space, same ideas, values, likes and deslikes. None of it is the body mind and soul.
Perceived Fragmentation and the desire for Unity are only real and valid to the psychological self. Because self is already one.


What PeaceQuiet has to share with couples is this:

  • A skill of being-ness that goes beyond Concepts.
  • The tools which will help liberate pleasure from the limitation of mental constructs, back into the vastness of sensing and of being.


What PeaceQuiet does is this:

We respect every status married, partnership, dating. Our role as traditional Tantra Massage practitioners is very specific. Whatever couples lovers do or fail to do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is something private. Tantra Massage is concerned with sensing, recognition, awareness and celebration of the here now as it unfolds.

We don’t see much value in something couples have tried earlier. Tantra Massage Is a moment and a space where one is invited to explore and rediscover self without the other. Later couples are free to share this abundava with their lovers or with the entire universe.

We are extremely happy to share our direct understanding of Tantra Massage Sacred Touch, the meaning and the thinking behind the approach to the female body (which is heart centered and emotional) and to our approach to the male body which is phallic centered and rational.

As Andro Rothe says, a couple is made up of two complete and fully unique individuals.
If one is made up of two halves what we end up having is two individuals trying to create harmony out of a self-alienation where often one takes the lead and the other follows, one is served the other is the servant so that they can both live in “peace”.

Tantra Massage proposes ‘the duty to know self.’ The unconditional which is complete in itself and itself is the source of vaste joy and happiness and This must be known at an individual level. As such Tantra Massage skills are concerned with INDIVIDUALITY a precious gem couples can then share with the partner with the universe.

Are you Ready for a joyful journey into the inner discovery of pure Tantra love?

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