Tantra Life Coach & Tantra Counselling

Traditional Tantra Counselling

Tantra Life Coach & Tantra Counselling

Tantra life coach and tantra counselling we help you to invite your self to reassess its priorities and recognise the place where it can find honest in and open loving and with transforming clarity. The point here is not to go through details around your life, your relationships or personal issues, here we see what is present and we see in recognition of what is out of place and what is the root cause for the ambulance and inner conflict.

We respect everything about your life experiences but our focus is on what is right here now. We shan’t ask or set any homework in terms of journals, diary, mantras, practices or anything like this. Fears, deep wishes, memories and the past operates in a different realm to that we operate at and we invite you to join us in this fully and easily accessible inner paradise.

As traditional Tantra practitioners we’ll be looking at the landscape of self expression mind and we will offer you the tool that will show you how you can redirect our attention towards where you want to go rather than where you got stuck at or where the past has landed you and the future is threatening you with. From this space of consciousness you can invite your mind to observe its own delusions and through this seeing you’ll be welcoming  inner peace and neutrality.

Once you sense Om directly it will then become entirely up to you to choose how you sense and see life. Whatever way you chose your choice will be perfect. In Tantra there is no right or wrong way to live or to experience life.  The only thing Tantra demands of us is maturity, the duty to know self .

Having chosen against something it’s immature to then turn around in suffering of the consequences of our choice. Simply be open, be truthful, be honest, be gentle and flow as each moment unravels as in gifts and as in mysteries. Be empty handed so that you can travel weightless and burden less.

Some of the stuff we do in our counselling and couching sessions.

  • We locate the environment where self-mind and self-body expresses itself.
  • Locate the internal and the external causation of suffering.
  • Test the validity of all causation.
  • Locate that which is permanent.
  • Recognise the true nature of self.
  • Surrender into your inner most and profound desired for truth.
  • Locate truth

“Welcome inner stability. Everything is passing. Now is the only truth. Now has no history”

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