Skype with Shakti Verah

8:00 to 22:00 Monday to Sunday

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How does it work? 

We set up a skype chat and take it from there.

No previous preparation

No homework  


How hard is it to follow your skills?

The skills are simple. They are not some form of practices.

Mind love practices.

Self as never asked for anything.

Simply surrender


Let unfold.

We point to surrender not a doing. 


I have a very important job. How confident can I be about my details being safe?

 PeaceQuiet runs in strict confidentiality.

We do not disclose your information to third parties.

We do not sell data.

We only call back if there is an agreement established by both sides. 


What sort of people you rather not dedicate our time to?

Ups! Skype and let's decide later if we can handle it or not.

We trust the universe.

There is a bottom than clicks on and off.

And there is the police for those who think they can abuse our trust. We are chilled out when comes to non-sense. 

Why is it you make Tantra sound so different? 

Tantra has many lineages. Ultimately it's you that must decide which lineage is best for you at this moment. As you change and develop further you might need a different lineage or no lineage at all. PeaceQuiet is committed to self, self-enquiry, self-development, ultimate peace, and silence. We point you to that then we leave it up to you to fall in love with it or look for the next one and the next one... 

If you fall in love with what is been pointed wish is not the method or the "practice", but rather the destination lets us know we would love to share this auspiciousness with you.

What is the Cost?

As we are not able to offer massages right now and traditionally we have not charged for consultations before and given the fact we do not have any other source of income we ask you to contribute with something between £20 to £100 and we do leave it up to you.  And no those who pay less will not have a worse or a better session than those who paid more.  Not at all.

When is the best time to make our donations?

Donations are welcomed at any time. (lol)

Providing all goes well with technology we will take the first 5-10 minutes of our skype sorting that out.  We will perfect this in time.

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