PeaceQuiet® tantra massage practitioners are trained and qualified by Diamond Lotus the Institute of Tantra Massage Berlin.

PeaceQuiet® practitioners use Tantra massage as a tool for joy, openness, meditation, counselling, and Advaita direct self-enquiry.

Is essential to treat Tantra Massage as a vehicle for self-understanding and a vehicle of self-expression, not the destiny.

Is fair to say that there is a massage called Tantra Massage but Tantra is not a massage.

Tantra is from Ancient India and Tibet.

Tantra Massage is from Berlin 1975.

PeaceQuiet® Practitioners follow the non-western methodology and we do not embrace some the modern neo tantric interpretations.

Our approach to Tantra Massage is non-dualistic. We point to the No-body and the No-mind the centre of existence where there is no separation, and as a result, there is no loneliness, need, desire perfections or imperfections as you invite the receiver to focus on neutrality, effortlessness and totality, more so in the joy that arises from the recognition of those innate qualities.

PeaceQuiet® practitioners are here to point you directly to such blissful wisdom. We ask for that we ask you to hold honourable speech, honourable attitude and humbleness.

Tantra is our way of life something we are truly honoured for being able to share it with you.

We are looking forward to sharing such a sacred moment with you

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Love and gratitude to our beloved teacher and Tantra Massage master Andro Andreas Rothe®. Known by his followers as simply Andro he transcended his body in Brazil on the 22 December 2020.

Andro was the founder of Diamond Lotus the first Institute of tantra massage in the world. He was the father of tantra massage, Yin Yang massage, writer and author a true gift to humanity. 

At PeaceQuiet we are honoured by the opportunity we have had to meet Andro be his direct students and receive his profound knowledge unaltered. 

PeaceQuiet® Tantra Temple UK will continue to treasure Andro's Tantra Massage Teachings in gratitude and in honour of his name. 

                                                          Om Mani Peme Hung