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Peacequiet®  continue to flow with unconditional love.

Due to current events, PeaceQuiet® can only offer one to one Skype Sessions.




Skype consultations offer a unique opportunity where franc honest, uncensored chat can take place.

The template of our chat continues to honour Tantra principles by which participants exercise honesty, truthfulness and dedication to the skills and the points pointings offered and shared thought our sessions.

Through Meditation, Tantra Counselling, Tantra Spiritual emotional development, we will look at tantra skills of being. We enquire into the ideas of what means to be "here now and fully unconditional", what is to love oneself and love others the way we love our selves.

Some of you might want to have someone to talk to in a relaxed, heartfelt way. PeaceQuiet® it's honoured by such moments where we can briefly sink into the arms of most auspicious silence, stillness and incomparable beauty. May this moment be long enough so that it can witness and fully understood in a way that can encourage change and cultivate wisdom.

Our practitioners are dedicated and committed to those who are genuinely seeking Traditional Tantra skills of blissful happiness.

PeaceQuiet accepts donations of £20 to £100 you decide how much you can afford at this moment. Please do not feel compelled to donate what you cannot afford. The most important step right now is this: If you need someone to talk to do not hesitate we are here to share and celebrate your moment with you.


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