PeaceQuiet® founded in 2009. Through the years Shakti Verah has dedicated herself to Tantra teachings and tantra methodology of life. PeaceQuiet Tantra Temple is a sacred space for Traditional Tantra Massage, Traditional Tantra Erotic Massage as developed by Zen Master Andro Andreas Rothe founder of the first institute of Tantra Massage in the world. Shakti uses the massage as a pathway towards Meditation, Advaita Self-Enquiry, Traditional Tantra Counselling and Tantra Energetic Bodywork.

PeaceQuiet is a guru free, religion less methodology. We share skills which made sense to us and have been supportive of our self-growth and self-development making what we share richer than any cognitive intellectual knowledge and mental ideas. Our Master Andro Rothe said “knowledge without direct experience is of little value”.

PeaceQuiet points directly to here now as it unfolds. Throughout our massage sessions our attention is single pointed at that which we sense rather than expectations. The massage is one component of a complex set of skills a tool for transformation. Ultimately a tantra massage session with PeaceQuiet should offer an opportunity to experience the material body and become aware of the material mind; go beyond welcome all which is effortless.

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"You were never born. You will never die. You are not the body. You are not the mind. Find out who you are." Sri Nisargadatta Maharaji.




Tantra Counselling  From the safe of pleasure and joy we look at what is. We observe, we welcome, we sense it then we let go of the imperfections and welcome clarity that which we long for with intuition as opposed to desire, with gratitude as opposed to criticism, authentic as opposed to ideal and projections. Instead of counselling we rather say mind restored from its own projections.

Tantra Counselling offers a unique methodology. We do not work with distortions we do not try to replace imperfections with something better. We don’t justify the present with the past. We go direct to that which we long. We observe feelings emotions from a space of no harm we let it unfold until it is no more. The difference between tantra counselling and other forms of therapeutic counselling is this Tantra counselling offers fast and direct result and for some people on session is all they need others will have to stick to the skill supporting mind and the body cell memory through their natural process. We aim at sharing skills that will not only support the process with gentleness, but also with core determination to let go of situations beyond one’s control.

Energetic bodywork-Yoga is composed of yoga poses and genuine expression. We laugh, we cry, we express pain, frustration, hatred, and then we surrender to silence and stillness. Once the energetic bodywork is completed we have the option to continue the session with sharing this is when we chat about the experience and see it through the tantra methodology of life or the options of a massage or sit in deep meditation.

We truly believe that less is more. We always encourage our receivers to follow the flow with love and with gratitude for the sacred moment of being right here and right now.

PeaceQuiet is dedicated to the one single-pointed attention towards the ultimate expression of the undivided self.

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"You were never born. You will never die. You are not the body. You are not the mind. Find out who you are"- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaji.


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