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Who does the Tantra Massage Erotic?

PeaceQuiet® professionally trained Tantra Massage female practitioners will do the massages.

Occasionally the massage is provided by a student. Our students are always supervised by fully qualified practitioners.

Very often the messages are provided by guest practitioners.  
We have enormous difficulties in finding qualified Tantra Massage practitioners in the UK, therefore our guest practitioners tend to come from Germany.

Although most German practitioners speak relatively English some are not terrible fluent. When Language is an issue the counselling and the live coach will not be offered unless the receiver can communicate in German.

The lack of communication skills will not affect the professionalism and the quality of the massage provided.

Occasionally we do welcome naturist masseuses from the UK. Naturist masseuses are not qualified as Tantra Massage practitioners or Tantra practitioners. They just massage undraped and they massage the full body. 

We always inform the public when a student, a trainee, a non-English speaking or a naturist masseuse is on duty.

We always inform and make it clear when a fully qualified Tantra Massage practitioner or an English speaking practitioner is not on duty.  

Truth and with honesty. 

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