Traditional Tantra

Traditional Tantra

Traditional Tantra

Traditional Tantra means traditions of self-enquiry, non-duality, mindfulness, transcendence, higher consciousness. There are thousands of lineages and tantra sects in the world today however these massive movement can be divided into two distinct categories, Non dualistic the likes of Dalia Lama and Buddha and dualistic the likes of so called western tantric neo movement.

Amongst the former there is a common teaching which does unite all lineages; human beings must transcend the ordinary condition of life and death. Amongst the latter there is this idea that regards sexual energy as something which can bring body mind to higher spiritual status.

This is a movement which seems to believe in the tantra power to form couples and bring them to an everlasting status of sexuality and sexual bliss.  Alongside this bizarre ideas rest also the idea that tantra massage is tantra and that Tanta massage can heal an array of male and female dysfunctions, not of which seems anywhere close to traditional genuine Tantra traditions both in Tibet, Asia and ancient India.

For PeaceQuiet Tantra is a Methodology and skill of life. Tantra Massage is a tool used to communicate Tantra teachings in a way the western mind can grasp and understand in a soft, gentle, kind way to our minds.

In order to call this massage after Tanta one must be versed in Traditional Tantra teachings or the massage will lose its moral right to be called after Tantra.  There is a massage called tantra but Tantra is not a massage,

Our experience with Tantra teachings is practical direct and simple. We look at each individual goal so that we can them locate each individual mind set and the complexity of mind’s projections, needs, fears, confusion, and overall content…

Based on this “intellectual mapping of mind” the practitioner sets herself out to guide and point towards consciousness, awareness as the web of emotional problems, dysfunctions, overall issues including dreams, emotional painful and desires become exposed in a way we can deal with overcharged emotional content in a gentle way. Tantra call for issues to be fully resolved not healed or nurtured.

Out of a session with traditional tantra come a whole new approach to self, to life and others, with understanding and with clarity; a place of peace which is pure, effortless and authentic.

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