Traditional Tantra Counselling

Tantra is a Methodology and skill of life

Tantra is a Methodology and skill of life.

The Tantra way is direct and simple. We look at the goals so that we can them locate the source of all imperfections, problems, lack of achievement, unfulfilled dreams and desires.

In Life Coach and Counselling situation we will invite you to:

  • Locate the environment, the internal and the external causation of suffering.
  • Test the validity of all causations.
  • Locate that which is permanent.
  • Recognise the true nature of Here Now.
  • Surrender into your most profound and desired truth.

We will not underestimate the way you are experiencing life, we will not downplay painful memories. We take fear, traumatic experiences, very seriously but we leave it all aside… untouched.

Instead, we will welcome inner stability from which a painless way of seeing, remembering, and being can arise spontaneously, effortlessly and most naturally.

In this space. life, past, and future can be experienced in a painless free and peaceful way. All that we have left aside untouched can then be seen from a place of peace and tranquillity.

Everything is passing.
Now is the only truth.
Now has no history.

Namaste, Shakti Verah