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                            a blissful unfolding of consciousness in the most direct and profound way.


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PeaceQuiet®  is a  Massage Meditation business registered in the United Kingdom.
PeaceQuiet® is not an escort service and should not be compared to that.
If you need an opinion about our work and what PeaceQuiet does ask genuine Tantra practitioners, not brothels, as punters behind computers and escorts wouldn't necessarily be the people to know much about our work, what we do and what our methodology and teachings do stand for. 

Our practitioners enjoy the protection of the United Kingdom business and employment law.
PeaceQuiet® has the duty to protect the physical and the emotional welfare of its practitioners.

Men must be aware of the damage and the negative emotional impact soliciting for sex has on our female Tantra Massage Practitioners.  Please reframe from asking unflattering questions.

Click links above to inform yourselves of all the basic "what & how" offered by our massage sessions and prices.

Out of courtesy and respect for our practitioners please Reframe from asking personal questions. Our practitioners are very happy to respond to questions related to the massages we do, our training, qualifications, approach, and methodology which is what we have been trained and qualified to offer to the public.  

You are not forced to contact us but if you do contact us kindly respect our practitioners unconditionally for what they are; Tantra Massage Practitioners, Tantra Emotional counsellors, Meditation teachers and emotional guides. 

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