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As far as human memory can recall, sages have always told us this much on: ​​

- The root of your suffering comes from the idea you have of who you are.

Eternal Love
-   Your desire for love is the source of all evil. You are Eternal, you are Love. Find out who you are.

Soul Searching
-  If there is a search worthy of anyone's attention that must be the searchless search for The Supreme Self. This alone is humanity's  purpose!

The sacred path to Self
- When you travel inwardly you go to the beginning and the end of the world in an instant. When you travel outwardly you go absolutely nowhere.

What to ask?
- A Sage has nothing to tell you. Ask the wrong question and the Sage will give you the wrong answer.
-  Sages will not throw the Seed of Wisdom unless the soil is ready and fertile. 
- Humbleness is the richest soil of all.
  - If your heart hasn't yet burped out  the question that will set you free, it means you need to sit down until mind loses its arrogance.

- With birth comes death with pleasure comes sufering.  Welcome to the world of experiences.

True self
The outer is an illusion without which there is no recognition of the  true self. Everything is in the right place including birds dropings on the pavement. 
Shakti Verah was the first Tantra practitioner to introduce non-Western, no-commercial, non-spiritual asexual Tantra Massage approach into the UK.  

Verah is so far the only Advaita and Tantra Practitioner to embrace Advaita Teachings as the intellectual framework of Tantra Massage and to use Tantra Massage as the tool to point to Advaita Teachings and as a skill of Meditation.  

Despite her unique approach Shakti Verah continuous to be a great advocate for Tantra Massage as developed by Zen Monk Andro Rothe, Berlin 1975. Verah views Andro Rothe Massage techniques one of the most recent gifts to humanity.

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