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Shiva Massage II


Shiva Massage is a massage for men.
This is a moment for the male human body to have the opportunity to free itself of mental psychological egotistic labels and the opportunity to go beyond the self-socially inflicted limitations.
The Shiva massage was designed with intention of giving men a space for the celebration of the male body within the vastness and the complexity of its own nature. This is a moment and space of awareness without shame, without fear, without judgement, and without the need for the other.

Tantra Massage is a massage like no other.
Here the body is respected for being the body; naturally sensual, naturally orgasmic, naturally erotic, naturally pleasurable. These are all words to describe different flows, tempos of feelings emotions and sensations produced by the chemistry of the body cells.

The need for the other arises when the receiver switches himself off from the sensing and the awareness of the body cells into something mental, psychologic and therefore no longer pure spontaneous nor natural.

The practitioner's role is to call the receiver's attention back to the sensual, erotic, orgasmic, and naturally pleasurable flow, dance, movement of the body cell away from his mind made projections. In his mind, the receiver will find needs, fantasies, judgement, imperfections,  the desire for the other.

If allowed the massage will go in the direction of no boundaries, no respect. Very quickly the practitioner MUST reestablish awareness by pointing the receiver's attention back to the effortless and unfolding pleasure which is coming from the body cells, not the fantasies of one's mind.  Tantra Massage is for the body, not the mind!

We are aware of our Westernised tendency to sexualise almost everything. We know because we are also products of the same institutions, but Tantra Practitioners have liberated ourselves from the limitaions of our minds as we became aware of the immensity of our body when we surrender to it and pay no attention to the nagging noise and the instability of mere thoughts. 

We know what the words 'pleasure and body' put together in one sentence do to our Westernised thinking, we cannot handle it. First, the utter shock, then the suspicion which rapidly escalates to fear and all hell is let lose.

Some offended, others dismissive, some turn seedy, and many become vulgar and abusive. It is unbelievable that the safest way for the mind to process body pleasure is by resorting to one form of dysfunction or another, as Pearls Gestalt called it, ‘mindfuck’ - self-made dramas we cannot live without but we pretend to want to get rid of.

In Tantra Massage we also have our brand of 'mindfuck - ness'; Pleasure for the pure sake of pleasure does not register because the mind is fully dedicated to the prison the limitations it has been conditioned to. 

Every human being desire happiness and pleasure but the dysfunction is been normalised to the point where when we see something or someone real and authentic the first thing we may do is to beat it down and see how much we can actually bend, twist and distort it so that we can get our heads around it; and by the time we finish our internal turmoil and self-made discomforts not much is left of that of that original intuition. 

Some minds are constructed into thinking that pleasure is something one should be taking advantages of, is a moment to go wild and vulgar, the so-called "having a good time being me "not" having a care in the world", which of course includes harming which they can't see for themselves.

This form of conditioning is not freedom is conditioning, is a paradise surrounded by walls, it cannot see much value in the sacred environment of one’s heart. Tantra Massage practitioners have discovered that without a point of reference, which is inner stability, all we have is various degrees of ugliness filtered through the senses. 

Without maturity, we fail to see the way in which mind is reading and over reacting to touch, to someone's contact with the body, to someone's attention.
Violating boundaries and underestimate one’s duty to protect one’s own emotional space no longer seems to register with the great majority of people.

Our quest as Tantra Massage practitioners is to point to the mature mind. By maturity we mean the power to take full responsibility for one’s own choice and one’s own freedom to explore, celebrate and openly express one’s own physical, emotional, sensual, erotic and orgasmic pleasure in a way that is honouring, free and doesn’t cause harm to anyone.

We hope that at the end of a Tantra Massage session the receiver will realise how he just like the rest of his fellow human beings,  has been unconditional to give up his connection and understanding with his authentic freedom; and how he not longer seem to know that one’s freedom ends when someone else’s freedom begins.

This is a matter of recognition and a matter of being able to sense boundaries and be able to “sit” and move blissfully at the place of no harm. Women all over the world await for such men! 

In Tantra Massage, maturity mean the ability to be the master of one's own will, the owner of one's own body's pleasure, kings of one's own body's joy. The full ability to be unique and complete with oneself without the need for the other. This is when individuals become beautiful and amazing beings and certainly amazing lover. Women all over the world await for such men! 

When a man approaches a woman without the recognition of his own space and without respect for boundaries it creates the opposite effect to the one initially desired - a space for joy, freedom, pleasure is no more, instead, shields will be raised up very fast, the trust will vanish and without that trust, a genuine Tantra Practitioner will not engage with such individual.

In Tantra massage we have something called 'emotional rape', this is when someone feels energetically violated; approach, space, boundaries, awareness are central to our massage session.  This is why 8 in 10 enquiries result in 'reject'- 4 in 10 results in 'block number'! The rule is so simple ‘want a massage you also want to respect unconditionally’.

Some people say we are expecting too much from ordinary people. Not true. We know and we have discovered this for ourselves that every single one of us is a lover because we are love. Already. The reason we don't shine in this way is that we have been conditioned to believe that love, pleasure is outside self and it must be fought for.

We all follow a mind which is been nurtured in ways that are not reflective of what and who we truly are. The problem is we think we are our minds, and we make the mistake to act out in the mind's ways.

Tantra Massage is here to point you to this in a joyful pleasurable blissful way. We know from direct self-realization that all we look for we are it in abundance.  Tantra Massage is the tool you will use to help you point your attention inwardly because there is no need for boundaries in that direction.

Outward attention must come with the duty to know where the other is in relation to their own space and awareness which is perfect for another setting but too much for a Tantra Massage.  

Inwardly is neutral and this is the point of awareness where the dysfunctional and ugly duality cannot touch. The moment unfolds free and intuitively from there will be much easier to spot the ‘mindfuck’, much easier to let go of it. Much easier to surrender and easier to celebrate the flow of the unique sensual, erotic, orgasmic, blissful moment - a moment Tantra Massage was designed to provide -flowing in a natural and intuitive way without mind and without harm. The entire Universe waits for such man. 

Shakti Verah
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