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Shakti Verah's Resumé

Shakti Verah 

Tantra Massage Practitioner,  Advaita follower. Qualified in Diamond Lotus Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage, Traditional Tantra Emotional Counselling, Tantra Life Couch, Tantra Way of life.


Tantra Massage Temple Founded in 2002. PeaceQuiet® pioneered the rare combination of two separate teachings: Tantra Massage teachings with Advaita non-dualistic Teachings which placed traditional Tantra principles right back into thE massage that bears its name for a very good & honourable reason. 


- Shakti Verah first became aware of Tibetan Tantra literature as a student of Social Anthropology at the University of London.

2005- 2010
- Shakti became a direct student of Devatara and Andro Rothe.
- Qualified as Tantra massage practitioner -  Diamond Lotus Institute of Tantra Massage Berlin.
- Qualified as Tantra Energetic Emotional Counsellor - Tantra Life Coach at Valerie Velard Naturheilpraxis Berlin. 

- Certified In Cobra Breath levels I and II -  Ipsalu Tantra USA 
- Certified as Swedish Masseuse - Westminster College UK
- Level III Health and Safety - Westminster College UK
- Anatomy and Physiology - Westminster College UK
- Spine reflexology - Anatomy and Physiology UK College of Reflexology. Covent Garden, London   UK
- Indian Head Massage - Lucy College Surrey UK
- Thai hand and foot massage - Lucy College  Surrey UK

2009 - 2011
-Shakti Verah Founded PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage Temple in the UK
-Became a follower of Eastern non-dualistic teachings after a profound meeting with Master Shivam O'Brien.
Spirit Horse Foundation, Ireland

-Shakti Verah became a direct disciple of Sri Moojiji Advaita Master of Direct Self-Enquiry. 

2013 - 2015
-Attend Vipassana-Meditation retreat in the tradition of Saya U Ba Khin.  

- In a quite and spontaneous way, Advaita non-dualistic principles became the framework for Shakti Verah's Tantra Massage. The crossover between Tantra Massage-Tantra / traditional teachings and Advaita is Shakti Verah's individual signature and her way of sharing the essence of Tantra teachings and Advaita direct self-understanding.
"Without Tantra's original value and universal goal
Tantra Massage is no more"
Shakti Verah
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