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Methodology and its meaning:

  We massage unclothed and this symbolises:

  • nothing to hide.
  • a matter of technique.
  • not an innuendo not an excuse for any form of sexual practices or exchange.
  • Either clothed or unclothed the human body is a Temple. 

Andro Rothe father of Tantra Massage and founder of Diamond Lotus Institute of Tantra Massage, he continuous to say this: "There is no space for sexual practices in Tantra (Erotic) Massages" 

Pleasure, and joy but also peace, stillness, neutrality are the natural state of our body cells. When the body is under the influence of a compulsive mind it creates tension to the body and ensuing psychological instability, anxiety and stress.    

In order to regain physical neutrality and mental stability, one must rise as consciousness and travel inwardly.  This we call self-value, end of misery, freedom. 
PeaceQuiet follows genuine Eastern Tantra teachings, and genuine Tantra (erotic) Massage teachings which run in the opposite direction to Western Tantric expertise and the sex agenda people portray as being authentic teachings from Indian and Indian sages are actually laughing at the silliness that goes on under the name of Tantra.   

The teachings are still there in India's fabric of society and consciousness but the word Tantra was stopped in its use after Tantra become moralised and criminalised by the XVIII British Rulers.  

As it seems only Tibet seems to have upheld Tantra's true, traditional, unaltered understanding Western tantric sexuality experts are being irresponsible in ignoring this fact because what they are teaching doesn't share many resemblances with the essence, with the goal which is salvation from rebirth with the attainment of Nirvana. 
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