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We do understand that women are often guarded and reserved about their bodies.  In response to this Andro developed Tantra Erotic Massage which does massage the ENTIRE BODY and Tantra Massage which doesn't.

We do encourage you to choose a massage which feels comfortable for you. 
Be honest and sensitive to your own will. Do Not Wait for the end of your massage to say something you could have said right from when it was fresh in the moment so that the practitioner is made aware as to where you are with your understanding.
In Tantra Massage Diamond Lotus Method it's all about honesty.
Bottling up emotions, feelings or soldiering on through this isn’t what we are here for.   At PeaceQuiet® your Tantra (Erotic) Massage is for you.  Your lover, partner, husband, boyfriend may have honourable intentions but s/he can also act as emotional gatekeepers. 
Inner space is important for self-expression. Discuss your needs with Shakti Verah, Call her on 07766890826 
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