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Bhagavan Sri Ramana 

 ​India 1879 – 1950

 ​Father of direct self-enquiry​​

Bhagavan Sri Ramana

Father of "Advaita" non-dualistic tradition of self-enquiry had its roots in XVIII century India, and more precisely with jivanmukta Bhagavan Sri Ramana.

Sri Ramana attained self-liberation following a period of a frightening sickness which almost claimed his life at the age of 16. Known for the all-engulfing contagious Silence and Stillness Sri Ramana blesses his disciples with the only teaching he thought worthy of pursuing:  
"Find out who you are" because by knowing self alone you will be set free.
By observing the root of thought you will arrive at the no though, and the sense "I am" from which, all else arises as passing phenomena only you remain as the ever-lasting consciousness awareness.

   Shakti Verah
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