Physical and Mental Well-Being

Physical & Mental Well-Being

PeaceQuiet Tantra Massages, workshops, Meditation sessions are not substitute for any therapy or other medical treatment or diagnosis.

Tantra Massage, Workshops, Meditation sessions are tools, methodologies, guidance, pointers towards self-inquiry, empowerment of consciousness awareness. We do not request, impose, or suggest the termination or changes in any ongoing therapeutic, psychological, psychiatric or other medical treatment a participant may be undergoing. The participant should seek supervision and guidance of a medical or other specialist mental health clinician before making any changes to the treatment they been advised to take.

Physical Disability Wheelchair Accessibility. PeaceQuiet always endeavour to hire venues with wheel chair access. Due to the nature of our tantra massage workshops PeaceQuiet might not be able to accommodate wheelchair bond candidates. We do welcome wheelchair uses whenever we are holding a meditation and our group meetings in a venue with Wheelchair access

As for Tantra Massage on a one to one; providing we have wheelchair access/ providing the receiver of our massage is fully mobile, can shower, can lie down on a mattress on the floor, and get up PeaceQuiet does welcome people with physical disability.

Mental Health Psychiatric Issues For the interest of our participants we do have restrictions on mental health and psychiatric issues, thus if you are currently receiving or have previously received any medical treatment or therapy for issues related to mental health, an environment of deep contemplation or introspection may not be suitable for you. Please check with a medical or other mental health clinician whether being in an environment where perception of reality can be altered and strong emotional upheavals is suitable for you.

Tantra Massage, meditation, self-enquiry can occasionally affect pre-existing mental health conditions. Such environment is known to have occasionally brought up traumatic mental psychological behaviour emotional imprints, and steered deep-rooted, strong, seemingly overwhelming, thoughts, emotional responses and behaviour.

Tantra Massage, Meditation, Self-Enquiry are equally known for being the precursor to recognise and transcend these emotional and energetic states. Nevertheless a participant with a mental health condition may feel overwhelmed by these experiences and may require additional medical and psychiatric support. We PeaceQuiet hereby state that we are not able to provide this type of support or expertise.


The questionnaire below is offered to provide guidance to the candidate of our workshops intended to help the candidate of our workshop/retreat/group meetings to decide his/her’s mental psychological suitability for our workshop/retreat/group meeting environments.

  • Have you ever or are you currently suffering from and/or receiving treatment for any of the following conditions for the past two years: Anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks, aggressive overwhelming mood disorders, clinical depression, mania, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), personality disorders, schizophrenia, and psychosis including drug induced psychosis.
  • Are you on medication for any of the disorders listed above
  • Are you a Narcissist?
  • Are you currently taking any prescribed or non-prescribed medication for the treatment of a mental health condition?
  • Within the past month have you taken any psychotropic (mind altering) non-prescription drugs for recreational, spiritual or self-medicating purposes?2
  • Have you taken Abogaine, LSD, Iboga, Ayahuaska or any similar plants teachers and compounds if the last 6 months?
  • Have you detoxed from mind altered recreational drugs in the last 12 months undertaken a detoxification from substance use within the last 6 months?
  • Have you experienced hospitalisation for mental health issues including suicide, self- harm in the past 5 years?
  • Have you ever been sectioned under the mental health act and do you still seek specialist advice for it?
  • Have you ever experienced any unwanted effects that have persisted beyond the duration of your participation in a spiritual practice or retreat, which may have interfered in your functional abilities including emotional, psychological, mental abilities?
  • If you have answered yes to one of the above understand a tantra massage workshop might not be for you.  It is possible that you might have answered yes in relations to experiences and mental issues experienced more than 10 years ago and you feel mentally emotionally fit to attend a tantra massage workshop. In this case PeaceQuiet admission office requires you to seek a specialist’s letter advising us about their professional take on matters concerning your mental health history, your consumption of mind altering substances, and your mental health condition at the point of enrolment.


We hereby state that a) should PeaceQuiet the staff yourself decide your mental state is cause for concern to anyone involved in the workshop (participants and staff members / facilitators it will result in PeaceQuiet terminating your participation on the workshop / course. Equally should you decide to b) withdraw / cancel/ abandon the workshop/ course on both  a) and b) a refund be it full or partial shall not be given to you. We will not transfer the cost to any other later date.


Sexual Harassment Following our asexual tradition is important to understand the methodology, the framework and the surrounding of PeaceQuiet tantra massages sessions, workshops and retreats. Failure to agree and respect our tradition will result in a cancellation and no refunds offered and we are not responsible for loss of flight tickets and added expenses you may incur as a result of having to leave the workshop and the premises all together. Prior to booking with us pleasure take time to assess your true intentions. If you feel you are coming to a workshop to find women / men and have the opportunity to satisfy your need for a women / men you are hereby informed that this attitude is not correct it is a violence of terms and conditions, it is a violations against other participants, a disrespect for our sacred space and shall not be tolerated. Depending on the gravity of the violation we reserve the right to involve the authorities in the UK and abroad. Depending on the merits of the violation we reserve the right to instruct our legal team. Our Workshops, retreats and group meetings are designed for INDIVIDUAL SELF DESCOVERY. The fact nudity may be a fact of our workshops and retreats it does not mean sex or sexual activity. The fact we teach massages which require the giver, the receiver, the facilitators and participants are unclothed and that the massage massages the entire body it does not mean we are providing a space and an opportunity or an excuse for sex or sexuality. If you cannot allow yourself to transcend your westernised attitudes to the human body them PeaceQuiet workshops retreats group meetings are not for you.  Be aware PeaceQuiet is run by practitioners who can read through people’s real intentions as it is hard to hide one’s mind in a workshop situation.  Give yourself time to understand the real motive of your participation in our workshop retreat groups meetings and it doesn’t say “self-discovery, inner-freedom, inner-consciousness, inner-understanding, inner-joy, then we must assure you that *PeaceQuiet Community is not for you.

PeaceQuiet reserves the right to protect the moral, physical, emotional, psychological status of (*all our staff, candidates and participants of our workshops, retreats and massage training (hereby marked as PeaceQuiet Community)). PeaceQuiet reserves the right to involve the UK and the local authorities to safeguard PeaceQuiet Community interests, honour and dignity.


Religion Race Gender Language and Terminology.

Religion PeaceQuiet@ is areligious. We do not discuss religion our teachings are about self not religion. When necessary we use teachings from a wide range of sages, masters, and prophets we find useful to convey an alternative way of thinking. Should any of the prophets, sages, master be known of a religion we are not endorsing their group, followers, or congregations, of respective religions.

Race we are not even going to go there. PeaceQuiet welcomes every member of our beautiful human race. So please if you don’t respect nature for its perfection then *PeaceQuiet Community is not for you.

Gender We welcome traditional genders for a traditionally known men and women.

We welcome gays and lesbian for a workshop designed for gays and lesbians.

We may organise a mixed gender workshops should there be expressed interest amongst *PeaceQuiet Community.

Language our workshops are run in English however our teachings have its own jargon and its own understanding of particular words. In important to grasp the meaning of our tantra language by transcending what we believe and perceive certain words stand for.

Terminology throughout your time with PeaceQuiet facilitators you will come across familiar words used in a completely different way. To us language carries a whole new meaning. Our job is to help our participants to recognise the fact that reality is based on one’s language pattern, the hard rock of individual believes, idea, attitudes, the way we see oneself, others and the world.

Maturity means the duty to know self.

Together Oneness means no body no mind pure consciousness awareness.

Erotic Massage means a massage which massages primary erogenous zones

Sensual means body cell energetic flow; and is to do with one’s own body not the body of other individual, partner, lover, gender, participant or facilitator.

Erotic means body cell energetic flow; is to do with one’s own body, movement, sound, expression. It has nothing to do with the other individual, partner, lover, gender, participant or facilitator.

Erogenous zones are not sexual organs; namely lingam, yoni, mouth and inner gluteus.

Lingham Hindu mythology.  is the representation of asexual male divine in the figure of Shiva lingam. Lord Shiva,

Yoni Hindu mythology representation of asexual female divine in the figure of Parvathi goddess of forgiveness and acceptance, wife of Lord Shiva and mother of Ganesh (god of spiritual abundance/ remover of spiritual obstacles) and Kartikeya (god of jealousy/ experienced all sides of life).

Asexual, is the natural flow of senses feelings movement expression, inner happiness, inner joy, inner bliss, inner freedom without ever touching the idea of sex and other.

These above are only but a few beautiful example of how we use English language in a free and unburdened way so that we show our participants the Tantra Art of being self.

Tantra means Self and this is what *PeaceQuiet Community is all about.

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Cancellation, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy


If you cancel your participation in a workshop, group meeting or retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply:

  • Please note that tickets are transferable but non-refundable.
  • To transfer a ticket.
  • The participant is responsible to find someone he/she can transfer sell a ticket to. PeaceQuiet is not responsible to find such person or persons.
  • We provide a list of people waiting for a cancellation.
  • PeaceQuiet is not responsible or involved in the transitions between the two parties making the arrangements.
  • Please make sure when selling your ticket you sell it to an individual of the same gender to yours.
  • Once the transaction is completed both parties must notify the administrator with the following details of both parties.
  • a) I the seller Name, date of birth gender have transferred my ticket to the now participant Name date of birth gender.
  • b) I the participant name, date of birth, gender, have purchased name date of birth gender ticket and I’m therefore the new participant of your workshop.
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