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Are you new to our tradition? Are you looking for an emotional and a spiritual way in? Then this page is for you.

I've simplified some of the issues surrounding Tantra principles that are relevant to our Tantra Massage Meditation sessions. PeaceQuiet regards this wonderful massage as nothing more than a guided attention and noble attitude towards an alternative way of life,  one which for many seems far more fulfilling than the ordinary life we been raised to follow. Some of us find such modern life depleted of emotional content and spiritual values. 

Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage are sisters to the TAO Erotic Massage which had been developed in the USA at the same time Andro Rothe introduced his massages to Berlin 1975. From PeaceQuiet perspective, Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage are tools that help communicate Traditional Tantra Teachings to our Western audiences and the deep suspicion our audiences seem to have around spirituality.

The massage allows the receiver to understand that spirituality is here now and not something in far distant death surrounded by God and good or bad angels. Traditional Tantra sects (teachings) differ in their methods of teachings and in the character of their rituals, however different they do not differ in fundamental thought and "philosophy", and in this context alone Tantra Massage skills are just as valid as any other Eastern tool.

Traditional Tantras make the use of Meditation and complex rituals, whereas Tantra Massage uses touch as a tool to point to the same Tantra traditional goal; hence the name Tantra Massage.

Both Indian and Tibetan Tantra are essentially a-sexual as such the so-called Tantric sex, tantric sexual spirituality, and sexual togetherness are narratives created by the West through which they attempt to discuss sexual repression and the issues the West seem to hold against and around surrounding the human body, emotions and sexuality.

The terms Tantric sex and tantric temples were first coined by the British in the XVIII century "British" India.  Our Western conceptualisation did not exist in India and it was actually a shock to India's imagination. It is extremely safe to say that there are no Tantric Temples in India. Temples are named after deities,  not after Tantra. 

Unlike the neo-tantric movement, Tantra Massage has NEVER been a form of role-playing for better sex, that's pure exploitation of something the West failed to understand.  Unless Tantra is present and respected for its teachings tradition and principles the massage should not be called after Tantra.
Tantra and tantra massage are not a matter of individual "style", where style implies whatever I feel like doing or saying including disrespect and heresy. Disrespect for sacred spaces is something cultures have to face and the Vatican is a good example. Just as the Vatican puts such incidents down to individual error we should also put any mundane and profane practice inside a temple as an individual error and should not call it a tradition.
The neo Tantric movement should have consulted Tantra Masters such as the Dalai Lama, and the many Rinpoches teaching Tantra all over in the West about their interpretations and the offensive sexualisation of a tradition neo-tantras  have so far failed to fully grasp and understand for their own individual selves. 

Following Andro Rothe the father of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage Berlin 1975 the moment we add sex to the massage Tantra massage and Tantra Erotic Massage is no more. 
Tantra Massages invite our senses and our perceiving to move inwardly away from all forms of material existence. From sex to emotions feelings thoughts and desires Tantras call for.
“Tantra implies a thread connecting the past to the future and thus an unbroken continuum,” with this, Kirti Tsensharp Rinpoche, meant that Tantra is freedom from our limitations based on time-bound and mind-bound phenomenal reality.

Sri Dalai Lama said, "Spirituality marks the end of an ordinary mind but even spirituality must be transcended" leaving no doubt that spiritual sex cannot be the ultimate goal or the path to enlightenment. Much has been made around Enlightenment. PeaceQuiet regards Enlightenment to mean the end of dysfunctional duality the end of the dream state. 

It’s important to notice that Tantra is not against sex. Traditional Tantra Teachings call for transcendence of all basic ordinary thinking, which goes from talking to walking from sex to death. Tantras say that our humanity is greater than this basic expression and the perception we have of ourselves.  We are the unborn and that is greater than the limited world of forms, shapes and appearances we take to be the self.

Due to our obsession with sex we have become extremely limited in our seeing and understanding and so we want to make the limited unlimited and that doesn't work because wanting is the root of our suffering.

In Osho's words, Sexuality and Spirituality are diametrically opposed. The former depends on duality the latter ends duality yet that too must be transcended.

Even though there are traditions of monks who get married and have children "the truth" or Self or Enlightenment still is at the centre of Tantras' original posture and attitude. One must be extremely cautious in handling material as complex as Traditional Tantra Teachings.

For better understanding, we actually need to look at these teachings without our Westernised eyes as they are limited to our own projections. 

Transcendence means let-go. Let-go doesn't mean more of that which is to be transcended.
Let go does not call for the nourishment of something from which we must liberate ourselves from.  The mundane is perfect in its own context it does not need to be made divine. 
Dissolving identity is the most efficient way amongst all other ways of letting go. With the end of identity comes the end of attachments and with this the end of suffering.  
We have inherited a painful sense of identity.  Through our upbringing and our life experiences, we have carved something which we later feel burdened, controlled and dominated by and this is a play of consciousness we must liberate our consciousness and attention from.  For example, when the West looks at happiness we think that happiness is at the end of hard work and greater effort.
We see happiness through the acquisition of material goods and through the sweated result of the personal struggle for relationships, friendships, love, sex, money and so forward.
The Tantras, however, see happiness as a spontaneous, effortless reality, with 'no hooks at the end of the string'.  In fact, happiness and love are two different words to describe Pure Authentic Self.

 PeaceQuiet® has embraced the Eastern principle, traditional approach and understanding. We use the body as the path to the no-body and the mind as the path to the no-mind. The no-body -  no-mind both lead our attention and awareness to love and happiness because true love and true happiness must be unconditional and it must raise from the 'nothing to do' and the blissful 'no-where to go'.  
For those who are not comfortable with the idea of a massage, PeaceQuiet® has other tools to work with; at PeaceQuiet® we offer meditation, self-enquiry, Tantra Counselling, joy and laughter.
Tantra Life Coach, alongside two other options Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage is a matter of choice, not a compulsion. they can both be tailored to individual requirements providing the requirements comply with our tradition, ethos and values.

I do advice you to call PeaceQuiet and Shakti Verah even if you don't want a massage. We do have the tools to help you with your issue – issue less full life. 

Having done the necessary work in Self Enquiry we have complete faith in our direct understanding of Genuine Traditional Tantra.  It is with this clear understanding that we welcome Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic as one of the greatest gifts for individual development and for the growth of our human consciousness and wisdom.

At PeaceQuiet® we allow everything to rest as they are and in their own natural expression. Massage is pure pleasure, an opportunity for free expression, movement, laughter but also tears. These massages were designed as a safe space to fully encourage the free expression of joy and of no judgement, no criticism to encourage the sincere expression of feelings and emotions.  Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin, they can both be used as points of reference for both consciousness and awareness. 

Tantra Massage does invite everyone to fully enjoy every aspect of our reality be it physical, emotional or spiritual good or bad because this is the path to fulfilment and fulfilment leads to transcendence, inner clarity and liberation from oppressive states of mind.  This is our genuine authentic and only goal when we work with Tantra massage.

Regardless of what you have heard, Tantra will remain the same. Give yourself the permission to explore Tantra teachings and see the endless benefits for your own selves. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Remember there is a massage called Tantra but Tantra is not a massage.

Shakti Verah
PeaceQuiet ®

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