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My body my Temple 

In our profession, we devote our Tantra Wisdom and Tantra Massage skills to help women rediscover the beauty and the liberating power of a neutral and asexual body, but there is nothing better than the results of a little questionnaire to showcase our position versus the way many of us have been indoctrinated to view and to relate to our bodies. 

PeaceQuiet: "when comes to touch, tell me, what sex is and is not."
Answer: “even though sex is not that important to me, sex is part of our human nature, and it is not natural not to have sex if you see what I mean."  

PQ: "What is the sexual and what is the non-sexual part of the human body"
Answer: "the sexual organs are sexual, and the rest of the body is non-sexual".

PQ: "what makes a massage a sexual massage."
Answer: "like this one. You massage naked and on the floor. I am naked too. And you touch me  sexually."

PQ: "What do you consider sexual touch?"
Answer:  "any touch that touches the sexual organs, especially when you are naked and all that, is touching you sexually".

In this case, we must conclude that when one takes one’s clothes off, let say for a shower in the morning, one's blood and hands become sexual and when one gets one's clothes back on again, they becomes asexual! 

After all, the blood and the hands are the only human tissue that touches the sexual organs, and if it's true that "any touch that touches the sexual organs, especially when you are naked and all of that, is touching you sexually" then it must also be true that the blood and the hands are of a  sexual nature.

Our intention here is to invite a whole new possibility, one which can actually consider the body as something neutral; the possibility of a body that can sense the complex array of sensations without the need to sexualise anything;  leaving names, labels, fears, beliefs and concepts where they belong, and that is, in the realm of thoughts. Neutrality and asexuality are perhaps the least understood aspects of our human nature. The question is obviously, why?

A Traditional Tantra Massage practitioner certainly knows why, and this is why our Tantra Massages are neutral and fully dedicated to the body, and not the mind. At PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage Temple we point towards a whole different kind of seeing and understand. Here we only work with mindless eyes.
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