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   A message for Shakti

Don't judge from where your messenger has come from simply hear the message which has been deliver to you. If I were asked I would have NEVER chosen Tantra Massage as the means to transmit the powerful skills and the understanding that I seem to have been entrusted to and to deliver to you in this way.

I see the Universe's capricious ways this alone is enough for me to be right at the place you find me for it is right here where the Universe wants me to be.

There is enormous joy when you Blossom and when you come through the other side of consciousness as a result of the points and the skills I've share with you.

Your testimony is the only confirmation that I am in the right place, and I thank you for that.

Being at the service of humanity is not an easy task particularly when consciousness doesn't seem to be a priority for so many.

When my heart is low and it feels like I am coming to my last days with this, suddenly a flowers cracks open and faith is restored. I am the last one of the four practitioners I have studied and trained with. Others have left the practices because they could no longer take the isolation and the verbal abuses we go through each day.

For those who are looking at the possibility of using Tantra Massage as a path of sexual enlightnement I suggest that you take time to read through our  Shakti Massage Page. 

Remember Tantra Massage is a tool amongst many other tools, therefore not a compulsion and certainly not a precondition to spiritual development - "higher levels of consciousness".

What you are looking for can be pointed to you through Direct Enquiry and Meditation. ontrary to what many say Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage is not suitable for all women. What is important is for you to remain truthful to you and to the way you feel about your very own body.

Don’t be a slave to fashion, to new trends or to the will and needs of others as this form of self alienation will not serve you well. Be kind, be gentle, be honest to YOU so that the YOU that you are can blossom in full recognition of itself.

Here is something no one dare say someone  else's needs are not your concern. Each and everyone of us was born with the full capacity of being complete and self fulfilled. 

There is a flow in our Wester idea of sacred duality "two become one". Pleasure through the other or another is equally problematic for both Tantra Massage and Tantra Teachings.

PeaceQuiet is in service of Truth which is a level of consciousness neither the world nor themundane attitudes against the feminine will ever be able to deliver.

To us Truth is a realisation through self-awareness. This is not a doing and not a making. No action is required besides the shift of attention. We request pure awareness of what unfolds in its purest formless form.

You might never have come across Tantra Massage written and spoken in this way. The reason is simply. Not many have come into this seeing, most work from mind and its gross need and projections. This is when abuses take place with so many getting confused and so many getting hurt. We are looking forward to meeting you at this place of no hurt but of deep desire for truth and for a wisdom that can set you free from human conditioning.


Shakti Verah   

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