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School of Inner Value and wellbeing

    Meditation the Advaita way
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                                                                                                         Tantra Counselling the  Advaita  way 


                   ​                 Meditation ​

When comes to meditation I actually have so little to say to you.
Tantra Massage is different; it is a tool a teaching for meditation prone to changes and misinterpretations.

Meditation deals with something that words alone cannot touch.

Instead of adding more verbal traffic into your psychological cognitive mind and its power of imagination I'm inviting you to sit with me in a group or one to one session simply following my pointing and express your own and unique experience and understanding.

My pointing will invite you to become aware of the following:

  • what is the body
  • what is the mind
  • what is the no- body
  • what is the no- mind

Once you have a direct understanding of this then I invite to this:

Stay as the seer; that which is aware of body-mind and go about your day as you have always done. Allow the SEER to manifest itself and offer the mind the time to empty itself of its own projections drop quagmire of desires and overcome its own imperfections.  

In self-enquiry Doing is a hindrance. Self-awareness call for mere awareness, and nothing else.  

This stillness is all I've to offer. A simple tool of awareness that point directly to the effortlessness.

Tantra Life Coach
Tantra Counselling

Tantra is a Methodology and skill of life. 
The Tantra way is direct and simple. We locate the source of the narrative, we locate the goals then we focus on the source of all imperfections, until the energy from the source extinguishes and with that the lifeline of all problems and imperfection vanish with it.  

In Life Coach and Counselling situation​ we will invite you to:

  • Locate the internal environment, and the external causation of suffering.
  • Test the validity of all causations.
  • Locate that which is permanent.
  • Recognise the true nature of the seer and the nature of that which seems to  be suffering.

We will never underestimate the way people experience their own life, we will not downplay painful memories. We take fear,  traumatic experiences, very seriously. HOWEVER WE WILL NOT ATTACH ANY VALUE TO THOSE EXPERIENCES. 

We use past experiences as wood for the fire! The fire of freedom, joy and enquiry. 

We welcome inner stability from which the   painless way of seeing, remembering, and being can arise spontaneously, effortlessly and  naturally.

In this space. life, past, and future can be experienced in a painless free and peaceful way.  All that can be seen from a place of peace and tranquillity. 

Everything is passing. 
Now is the only truth.
Now has no history.
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