Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Life may have us shut down in grief and in silence in a strugle against pain and suffering. The very decision of inviting  someone into this personal shut down and the job of finding someone who can listen to our grief may be the hardest and the most difficult step we can possible take for ourself.

In deep turmoil the very need for emotional healing and self recovery may be a far distant concept as every bit of our energy is dedicated to hiding our emotional conflict,  fight the pain and suffering, and cover up the trails of consequences that we live behind our overt expression of desperate need for help and attention.

PeaceQuiet offer a setting where happiness, the true nature of being, is at the center of our Guided Conversation our Massage and our Guided Meditation.

Happiness not as a concept but rather as the true nature of each individual self. Whatever it is, the cause of bother will be used as precious fuel of consciousness.

An event in life maybe be the source of one’s undesired state of emotions, it may not be as clear as that but what matters in Tantra therapy is the act of going beyond in recognition of one’s true nature.

Our Guided Conversation points directly to the nature of being and in doing so the source of pain suffering unhappiness grief reveals itself for what it is.

We deconstruct the learned pattern of unhappiness

We rediscover the unchanging nature of self.

We do welcome pain, grief, loss so that we can transcend this stagnated though processes, overcome the cell memory and return the body back to its natural status of neutrality.

Every emotional turmoil is sensed through the body; this is when tantra Massage, energetic body work, chaotic mediation can be crucial part of changing attitudes and belief system.

We welcome life as it manifest to each one of us we reject paradigms and step outside learned states of truth and idea of perfection.

We honour life for what it is for the harm of none and the love of all, therefore, should  life manifests itself as misery and as suffering and we welcome it in this way,  we should at very least be blissfully miserable and blissfully in suffering.

In Tantra we cannot chose something and not be blissful about our own choice. in Tantra only nothing is fix, everything else is open for change and for transformation.

In this way it’s possible to turn years of silent grief and suffering to amazing joy happiness and tranquility.

Whatever is unfolding and manifesting from the face of consciousness shall be used as golden fuel that warms up the flow of joy.

Between seconds and an hour we can transform sad tears, to tears of joy, painful thoughts to blissful silence, tension to neutrality.

Once you have experienced the other side of grief pain bereavement you understand that whatever unfolds is nothing more than a beautiful passing moment that has no power to hurt unless you yourself give permission for that to take hold of your inner space, and to continue to happen for as long as you wish.

Instead of suppression we invit expressed emotions.

Instead of avoidance we say invit it to surface manifest its nature to the full. Allow the structure and the framework to reveal itself so that you can so deconstruct and transcend its narrative.

No judgment, no fear and no doing. Merely stay in the flow of consciousness. This alone will turn on the bright light of consciousness beaming inner truth into an awakened body of joyful dancing laughing cell revealing the vastness and the endless being that we truly are one the body cannot contain and the universe is still not big enough to retain.

This is how vast we are. Pain arises from the moment we limit ourself and our overall existence into the narrow corner of perceptions created by a mistaken mind who believes that a passing event has the power to arrest our overall existence and keep us in a state of lack of joy and long or repeated discontent.

If we are not sensing life blissfully is time we check out what is going on with our conceptual mind and what exactly is the body doing in relation to the projections offered by such mind.

Every modern contemporary men and woman young adults are perfect candidates for Tantra counselling, Tantra life couch, Tantra bereavement and emotional therapy.

If you feel you are alone, hurt, misunderstood, unable to coup, going through an emotional break down, unable to establish friendships, hold a job, have issues with  relationships, providing your heart is open for complete change and transformation all of this can be transform in no time at all.

Shakti Verah does not believe in healing processes, she doesn’t believe in home work, journals and diaries. 80% of people who have consulted within and have gone through Tantra Emotional Therapy with Shakti Verah required one single session of 60 to 90 minutes. Shakti guides each individual to a fire where what is not needed is burned down to a state of absolute insignificance.

Suffering is the outcome of a long process of thinking. Joy, happiness, blissfulness is continuous instant of creation one which can never be altered, injured, be gone or die.

If this is what your heart is longing for them your attention must shift towards your desire and this alone will manifest itself without effort, healing or sacrifice.

Sacrifice is part of suffering not joy. Joy runs in a parallel line, with suffering they emerge  from a totally different source. Through a mere stroke of attention one emerges over the other. Land your attention where your pure heart is and re-establish your self in equanimity.

Joy is vast and abundant  suffering frames itself up around a limited space of existence, it requires mental, physical and emotional space. Joy has no boundaries cannot be contained or retained, it unfolds, is always fresh, it  has no memory of itself.

The question is what side are you in? Having made the choice you ought to be blissfully happy, if you are not them a projection must have made the choice for you.

Look closely and if this is  the case tools learned from Tantra Emotional Therapy will help assist and support you back to balance, peace and tranquility. Shakti Verah is here to share this simple but very effective Tantra skills of bliss through direct self rediscovery.

Much love