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St Michaels Road, Warwick CV34 5QW
Mobile: 07766 890826

For overall privacy, we show an approximate address only. For the full address, enquire via text at the point and time of a confirmed booking.

Our Practitioners are well versed in their skills.

The practitioners will be honoured to respond to  questions related to the following topics:

  • Tantra Massage
  • Tantra E. Massage
  • Traditional Tantra teachings.
  • Diamond Lotus Methodology
  • Advaita tradition
  • Tantra Counselling
  • Tantra Life Coach
  • Tantra Reading
  • Self development 
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Training
  • Skills
  • Teachers 
  • Masters
  • Tantra lineage
  • School of thought
  • Purpose of the  work they do
  • Meditation
  • Tantra  energetic-work 
  • As well as questions related to
  • The temple
  • Volunteering
  • Support 

UK Registered Business
PeaceQuiet® ​- UK00003047229 reserves legal rights.
We have the right to work in a safe environment.
Reframe from asking for services which are not mentioned on the list above.

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