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L: Warwick      Post Code: CV34 5QW       Directions: M40  - J12/15   Hours: 8am-9pm   7days a week

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PeaceQuiet® Practitioners are trained and qualified in the skills we say we provide.  We only provide support with issues directly affected by spiritual emotional energetic mental imbalances and we do so the Tantra way. 

The practitioners are happy to respond to  questions directly related to the following issues:

  • Tantra Massage
  • Tantra Erotic Massage
  • Traditional Tantra teachings.
  • Diamond Lotus Methodology
  • Advaita tradition
  • Tantra Counselling
  • Tantra Life Coach
  • Tantra Emotional Reading
  • Self development
  • Self esteem issues
  • Emotional recovery 
  • Relationship issues
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Tantra Massage Training
  • Addiction  & Recovery 
  • Eastern Teachers 
  • Eastern Masters
  • Eastern Tantra lineage
  • Easter Tantra School of thought
  • Purpose of  Eastern Tantra 
  • Eastern Meditation
  • Tantra  energetic-work
  • Couple's consultation before vows, divorce, children. 
  • Couple's conflict resolution the Tantra way. 

As well as questions related to:
  • The temple
  • Volunteering
  • Support our work 
UK Registered Business
PeaceQuiet​® ​- UK00003047229  
We have the right to work in a safe environment. Reframe from asking for escort services.

PeaceQuiet® Does reserve the right to pass details to the police and to the British vice squad.

Out of respect kindly understand that the way & the manner by which Tantra is perceived and practiced here in the West has no little or no connection to our tradition teachings or practices. 

Anyone who steps into our space does so in agreement with our tradition. 

Mobile Number: 
     8:00 -21:30
     7 days week

     St Michael Road
     CV34 5QW
 *  Approx. address only. Full address details upon fully confirmed booking.
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Today's 🤔

Would anyone call a beef farmer in order to order sardines? 
If the answer is no then why would anyone seek Tantra for sex? 🤔
Is it Tantra, is it sex or is it our idea of Tantra & Sex which is causing confusion.

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