We run under extremely limited staff.

Every session is planned to military precision as to ensure your stay is as rewarding as humanely possible.

Here is how 80-90% of you have helped us help you:

You booked

  • Via Text via mobile number +44 07766890826.
  • A day’s notice
  • Early in the morning
  • Before 6 pm for appointments after 6 pm.
  • By Friday for weekend appointment.
  • By stating the exact Time Date Duration of your choice in one text only.

You cancelled/rescheduled

  • with a text to 07766890826
  • by stating the exact time date duration of the booking you wished to cancel or reschedule.
  • well in advance.

You’ve check our details

  • Before submitting any request
  • You’ve taken the time to read through information provided on our website.
  • You looked at our prices

Your attitude has always

  • Showed unconditional respect for PeaceQuiet®
  • You fully embraced the fact our practitioners are here to share a skill
  • You respect the fact our practitioners decide who they wish to massage, work or support.
  • You have booked and welcomed a session from a random practitioner.
  • You have shown understanding for the way a private Tantra Temple operates in silence peace and quiet.

For the past 14 years 99% of you have been gracious to our practitioners, appreciative of our work and respectful to our sacred space. PeaceQuiet is truly honoured by your kindness and attitude.

Thank you,


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