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L: Warwick      Post Code: CV34 5QW       Directions: M40  - J12/15   Hours: 8am-9pm   7days a week

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People usually text and leave a voicemail asking us if "we are free".
This only serves to delay our booking process.

Kindly tell us Time Date Duration of your choice via text to 07766890826.  

If you have a question about our massages, counselling,  spiritual development, post-addiction recovery, porn addiction, pains of a bitter divorce, kindly call or text requesting a "call back".
We shall call you as soon as one of us is available.  

Tantra Massage is not a magic bullet it is an opportunity to engage with life in a total pain-free blissful and unique way.  whatever the issue tantra is sure to offer you a pathway for change and transformation. All I need is your desire and commitment for that change to occur.  

The beauty is this, once you take to position to change them transformation will occur in support of your new choice, then the hard work is supported with moments of victory, pleasure, peace and deep sense of peace and inner tranquillity. 

This is a strength that will help you ride through old habits and patterns of suffering, sadness, stress, and tension in your life. 
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