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Advaita Lineage,  non-dualistic tradition   of direct self-enquiry          

  Advaita lineage 

XVIII India  
Father of Advaita Non-dualistic tradition of self-enquiry

Sri Papaji 
Sri Ramana direct disciple.
Papaji interpretation of Sri Ramana's  made the master's teachings accessible to a wider audience.  He has put into words what Ramana is known to have expressed in pure silence. Some people are critical of Advaita as a teaching they consider Sri Ramana's Silence as the true teaching. 

Sri Moojiji
Papaji's direct disciple,
Moojiji teachings are infused with 'poetry' and a simplicity which penetrate the heart. His love, patience, and forgiveness can break through the barriers of our limited,  heavily burdened and crippled thinking.

Kumariji -  aka Shakti Verah  -
Sri Moojiji's direct disciple. 
Through Tantra Massage, Shakti Verah is capturing the attention of many people who might otherwise wouldn't have considered self a viable tool for celebration and for rediscovery.

Through Shakti Verah Tantra Massage and meditation session people are invited to surrender to the aware of self and to the spontaneous moment that unfolds. 

Shakti Verah shows how pleasure and surrender alone can be all that is needed for the full realisation

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