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​​​Master Andro Rothe

  Bhagavan Sri Ramana 

​​  Beloved Shakti Verah





Shakti Verah's Tantra Massage founding roots: 

Tantra Massage was developed by German born Zen monk Andro A. Rothé.

Tantra Massage was first introduced in Berlin in 1975. This was also the year Andro founded 'Diamond Lotus' the first Institute of Tantra Massage in the world.

Tantra Massage is a massage. The biggest mistake is to think or claim that Tantra Massage is Tantra and that both tantra and the massage named after it are some sort of old ancient sexual practices.  Rest assured that ancient tantric sexual practices have not only come from the West, but is also the West greatest  selling tactic. As we all know sex sells which is something the Tantras (Buddha, Dalai Lama, Hindhus, Advaitas) teachings have nothing to do with it.

Tantra massage did not came from Ancient Temples in India. As such Tantra massage couldn't have possibly been a preparation for sacred tantric sex which we all know sex did not exist until the British and the church introduced its practices to India's imagination.  Missionary Position and Dunghill are two terms which denote Indians mockery and shock to sex. 

Andro makes it very clear that "Tantra massage is self centered,  the massage is all about self emotional stability and healing. In his statements Andro makes it very clear: "there is no space for sex in Tantra massage". 

"One should make a very clear distinction between sex which exists only amongst human's therefore cultural fenomena and procreation which nature and exists amongst all living form.

Them there is a state of consciousness that transcend basic aspects of the body be it induced by culture or by nature itself. 
This is the part Eastern Tantra, and Tantra massage as a tool,  is concerned with. 

Andro Rothe  rules:
The giver of the massage is not a receiver.
The receiver of the massage is not a giver.
There is no space for sex in tantra (erotic) massage. 

Shakti Verah's Advaita founding roots:

"Advaita" non dualistic tradition of self enquiry started at the end of  XVIII century India.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana (30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950) gained self-knowledge and was liberated from body mind duality after a period of sickness which almost claimed his life at the age of 16. 

Bhagavan  Sri Raman is  a well respected Advaita sage and jivanmukta and well known for his contagious state of silence. 

Sri Ramana is said to have lived in absolute silence for 25 years before he begun to share is understandings with those who looked after him and spontaneously gathered in Sri Ramana's presence . 

Reporters claim his mere presence was enough to silence people’s mind. To Sri Ramana there was only one teaching worthy of persuing: "Find out who you are. This alone will set you free". 

The enquiry into 'Who am I?' is the direct way. "Whatever may be said and however phrased, "I" ( self) is the whole truth in a nutshell."

By finding out the answer to "Who am I" one shall "encounter the answer to all questions" said Ramana. 

One can sumarise Advaita pointings with one sentence: liberation from a dualistic mind is the root to freedom, is the essense of peace, is unconditional happiness, is pure love and effortless tranquility. 

Shakti Verah continue to share Ramana's teachings in an unique way.  Verah  uses tantra massage as the framework for Advita understading.  "Tantra Massage is highly relevante to our Western imagination and is one perfect skill which does easily bring our attention to the understand, and to the very essense which has been taugh not only by Advaita but also by Eastern (non western) Tantra alike. 

Shakti Verah (Kumariji) fonder of 
PeaceQuiet® Warwick UK 

Shakti became aware of Tantra Teachings.

became student of Diamond Lotus, Institute of Tantra Massage Berlin and direct student of Devatara Andro Rothe.

qualified as Tantra massage practitioner. 

qualified as Tantra Energetic and Tantra Emotional Counsellor by Valerie Velard Naturheilpraxis Berlin.

founded PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage Temple in the UK.

Verah became a seeker of non dualistic self-enquiry. She followed Shivam O'Brien Spirit horse foundation Ireland intensives.

Verah became direct disciple of Sri Moojiji.
Under the direct guidance of Sri Moojiji Verah (Kumariji) became Self Aware.

Shakti Verah  (Kumariji)  introduce Advaita Self-enquiry as the central framework of understanding of  PeaceQuiet® Tantra (erotic) Massage.

  Advaita lineage 

XVIII India  
Father of Advaita Non-dualistic tradition of self-enquiry


Sri Papaji 
Sri Ramana direct disciple.
Papaji interpretation of Sri Ramana's  made the master's teachings accessible to a wider audience.  He has put into words what Ramana is known to have expressed in pure silence. Some people are critical of Advaita as a teaching they consider Sri Ramana's Silence as the true teaching. 

Sri Moojiji
Papaji's direct disciple,
Moojiji teachings are infused with 'poetry' and a simplicity which penetrate the heart. His love, patience, and forgiveness can break through the barriers of our limited,  heavily burdened and crippled thinking.

Kumariji -  aka Shakti Verah  -
Sri Moojiji's direct disciple. 
Through Tantra Massage, Shakti Verah is capturing the attention of many people who might otherwise wouldn't have considered self a viable tool for celebration and for rediscovery.

Through Shakti Verah Tantra Massage and meditation session people are invited to surrender to the aware of self and to the spontaneous moment that unfolds. 

Shakti Verah shows how pleasure and surrender alone can be all that is needed for the full realization that  "Here Now" is all there is.