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​​​Master Andro Rothe

  Bhagavan Sri Ramana 

​​  Beloved Shakti Verah

Tantra Massage founding roots
Tantra (Erotic) Massage was once developed by German born Zen monk Andro A. Rothé.
Tantra massage was first coined by Andro and first introduced in Berlin in 1975. Andro went on to found Diamond Lotus the first Institute of Tantra Massage in the world.
Is safe to say that Tantra (erotic) massage did not came from India and was not something practiced in Ancient Temples. 
There are no tantric temples in India. The so called “tantric temples” are in fact Hindu temples which are named by individual gods goddesses and deities.  
Tantra has a word/ name has survived in Tibet but has been dead in India for centuries, Tantra teachings and methodology of life has survived in Hinduism, Vedas, Vedanta, Buddhism, Advaita, for example.

Andro makes very clear as to what he meant by tantra massage and tantra erotic massage as he has invented them both.   
1- "There is no space for sex in Tantra massage".
2- The giver is not a receiver - the receiver is not a giver. 
3- The massage is an opportunity for healing our relationship, our attitude and approach to one's own body. Honour is the basis of Tantra Massage as developed by Andro Rothe.

Be joy be pleasure but above all be respectful to your tantra practitioner and the space you have been invited into.  

Advaita founding roots:

"Advaita" non-dualistic tradition of self-enquiry had its roots in the XVIII century India, and more precisely with jivanmukta Bhagavan Sri Ramana (1879 – 1950).
Sri Ramana attained liberation from duality following a period of frightening sickness which almost claimed his life at the age of 16.
Known for his contagious state of inner stillness Sri Ramana told his disciples that there is only one teaching worthy of pursuing and this is to "Find out who you are".
By knowing self alone we will be set free from the idea we have of self and from the imperfections we have cultivated.
The enquiry into 'Who am I?' is the direct way. "I" is the whole truth in a nutshell." For Sri Ramana, the focus of enquiry is the sense "I am", all else arises from this sense- to "know self you know everything there is".
Throughout the years, ages have continued Sri Ramana's teachings with open satsangs. Shakti Verah does so through Tantra (erotic) massage, and in her own and unique way.
Following Diamond Lotus Verah still regard tantra (erotic) massage tradition as "the best and the most pleasurable tool of rediscovery", the West could ever wish for.
Though the massage one can find one's perfect way home!"

PeaceQuiet® history

Shakti became aware of Tantra Teachings.

became student of Diamond Lotus, Institute of Tantra Massage Berlin and direct student of Devatara and Andro Rothe.

qualified as Tantra massage practitioner. 

qualified as Tantra Energetic and Tantra Emotional Counsellor by Valerie Velard Naturheilpraxis Berlin. Founded PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage Temple in the UK.

Verah became a seeker of non dualistic self-enquiry. She followed Shivam O'Brien Spirit horse foundation Ireland intensives.

Verah became direct disciple of Sri Moojiji.
Under the direct guidance of Sri Moojiji Verah (Kumariji) became Self Aware.

Shakti Verah  (Kumariji)  introduce Advaita Self-enquiry as the central framework of understanding of  PeaceQuiet® Tantra (erotic) Massage.

Shakti is delighted to share Tantra, Tantra Massage and Advaita tools of understanding with  genuine seeker.