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"A space for tranquillity.
A teaching about ever lasting Peace."

POSITION now open for
"Certified Tantra Massage Practitioners."
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Dear Shiva/Shakti,
As morally unbound as tantra massage can be, it is important to upheld the dignity of our practitioners.
Unconditional respect is sacred to our tradition.
Tantra massage practitioners can only function in the presence of  trust, respect and inner stability.

Should you wish to benefit from Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage, Advaita/Enquiry-Meditation, or Mentoring session kindly take the following on board:

1- this page and all suggested pages are carefully read through.

2- checked our Prices and method of payment.

3- familiarise with PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage rituals - Meditation - Mentoring jargon
to save everyone from embarrassment, (for example use session, instead of service. practitioner, instead of girls).

a) respect the fact PeaceQuiet® DOES NOT cater for escort and sex services or tantric spiritual encounters.

b) PeaceQuiet® sessions are SINGLE POINTED at Eastern tradition.

c) PeaceQuiet® uses Tantra massage as an effective TOOL to convey Eastern teachings.

d) We use Eastern Advaita teachings as the  FRAMEWORK of understanding.

e) We present Meditation as self help tool, for inner development of self awareness.

4- Is right to regard all PeaceQuiet® sessions as traditional teachings.

a) Is therefore inappropriate to assume that a tantra massage session is a mere massage people have fun with and can receive without a framework of understanding.
b) We ask for correct posture
c) Disrespect towards our sacred space, our sage, our integrity and self honour is unnecessary.

5- kindly make sure you visit our Qualification page.

a) PeaceQuiet® is run by formally certified/ qualified, skilled professional Tantra practitioner and Tantra massage practitioner.

b) PRACTITIONER/s is the correct form of address.

c) PeaceQuiet® is a registered Business - Registration Number UK00003047229.

6- Despite our work with sensual, erotic, orgasmic energetic flow our massage sessions are strictly non sexual.

a) far from being an excuse for the mundane or an opportunity for people to practice abusive behaviour against tantra practitioners Tantra massage sessions are an opportunity for peace and stillness.

b) to enjoy this awareness one must draw a clear line between our Western world view from that which is offered by traditional Eastern Tantra Masters.
as professional tantra practitioners our job is to offer the skill of self awareness, silence, no conflict, joy, harmony, peace, tranquillity,
is up to people to decide whether they bin or treasure the given skills.

c) we know that those who seek to free one's consciousness from the grip and the illusion of mind are in very small minority,
yet we hold every session with enormous respect and dedication.
we invite you to do the same while you are in our presence. Free to mock and bin our tradition once you step out of our sacred space.

d) we also know that the majority of people treat Tantra Massage as entertainment and tantra practitioners as a bit of fun to have with.
We are very clear about what we do. We have nothing against people's decisions providing people upheld the following:

- unconditional respect for our practitioners.

- step into our sacred space with correct posture.

- respect our pass don't attempt to rush the session.

7- Our massages require closure please allocate ample time for your sessions.

Is very disrespectful to treat our practitioners as masturbates and to regard our sacred space as a body fluids damping ground.
There are many places where this sort of behaviour is encourage and welcomed which is not the case for PeaceQuiet® Tantra Temple.

8- Join us with a pure and clear heart.
Meet us with unconditional self love.

A Tantra Temple is a dedicated space for Massage, Meditation and Mentoring and requires correct posture.

1- Correct posture.
a) Is self respect.
b) Surrender
c) no expectations

2- No Expectations
It arises naturally in the presence of surrender to the here now - and in the presence of trust for our skill and intuition.

Genuine Tantra tools are many and they can be used in a zillion of ways.
Understand that ours are unique to us*

Some people wish to use Cobra Breath techniques to reach a deep "connect" with massage practitioner.
Is widely believed that higher levels of consciousness can be achieved through direct/intimate contact with the practitioner's body/ soul/ spirit.

Although PeaceQuiet® has nothing against Cobra Breath or against any other method or practices we don't prescribe to such believes.
We rather work with tangible clear cut Eastern Self Centred and Non dualistic tools.

3- We know our work.
PeaceQuiet® doesn't mimic or replicate.
Despite our efforts to show our true intentions and genuine position to our Eastern tradition people still chose to think that PeaceQuiet® is set to provide experiences people have lived or came across elsewhere. We find this attitude deeply disrespectful of our work.

4- Understand that PeaceQuiet® Practitioners are NOT substitutes for girlfriends, sick wives, or sex partners.
Is important to adopt the correct posture:
a) "no expectation, no comparisons, surrender to the here now.
b) desire to enquire and to become aware of one's essence and true nature.

PeaceQuiet® teachings encompass two disciplines:

1- Diamond Lotus Tantra Massage Methodology as developed in Berlin- 1975 by Master Andro Andreas Rothe father of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage.

2- Non Dualistic Advaita teachings as taught by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharsi, Tamil Nadu  XVIII.

"There is a massage called Tantra Massage but Tantra is not a massage.
Tantra comes from India.
Tantra Massage comes from Berlin".
Tantra massage is a modern tool which seeks to resolve modern sex centred issues so that people can come to a space of clarity where tantra teachings are possible.
So long as we persist in seeing the world through sex lenses we will not have enough space to see what is beyond our limited view of our selves and of our human existence.

OUR understanding.
Procreation is universal, on the other hand sex and tantric sex comes from Europe.
Naturally the human body is a-sexual. Culturally sex is everything.
Instead of striving to make sex better,  *"Western" "tantric" "neo" tradition, Eastern traditions regard sex as the highest dualistic expression a human being can experience.

PeaceQuiet® holds the view that unless we are prepared to accept the idea that "Hindu neo Christianity" (doesn't exist) should dictate over the Vatican's teachings on Christianity we must agree that there is nothing as such as Western Tantra.

We respect the West believe that true sacred sex two can become one and that can take people to higher states of consciousness.
This is as good as any other belief, but to say that this is Tantra is heresy.

Eastern tradition seeks to transcend all forms of duality, therefore all forms of dualities must be transcended.
Meditation and Tantra teachings are tools through which all forms of duality can be transcended.
Very Simple!

PeaceQuiet® is here to share this simplicity in the most joyful, pleasurable yet very traditional way.


PeaceQuiet® is here to assist you.

If you are afraid of saying the wrong thing.
take no offence but the Best thing is to say very little.
Once fully aware that PeaceQuiet® is not a place for sex or a place where men can disrespect "girls/ women" booking is the next thing to do.

To book is very simple. Send a text:

"Hello PeaceQuiet
Appointment 21-3-2017@13:45@90minutes@mentoring session.
Thank you
Peter & Sam"

Thank you for reading,
looking forward to seeing you,

Much love
CV34 5QW

Ph: 0776 6890 826

Our Resident Practitioner and Sage
Shakti Verah
Direct follower of Sri Moojiji India-Portugal.
1- Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage form men, woman and couples.
2- Meditation Advaita Inner Search and awareness.
3- Advaita Self Enquiry,
4- Emotional mentoring for couples, men, women, and groups.

PeaceQuiet®                                   Mobile: 0776 6890 826

Temple/ Bookings/ Prices/ Massage Ritual/ Videos/ Qualifications

PeaceQuiet® 201.  Registration number UK00003047229.

Enquiries for sex services, escorts services, working girls, is unflattering and unnecessary and may risk being reported to the police and to the respective network company.
For our protections all blocked/private numbers are ignored.

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