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Our site requires a love for the truth.

Welcome to PeaceQuiet™ Tantra Massage Midlands website.
PeaceQuiet™-  perfect place for Peace and Tranquillity.
We work in service of the Ultimate Self as pointed to us by our non religious Tantra Advaita and non religious Buddhist tradition.

This side is not conflicting as some seem to claim. The message presented throughout our site is clear and can only be perceived as mambo jambo by those whose vision of alternative reality is non existent. At the very core of our Tantra tradition we see respect. Respect for all social and cultural views including views and attitudes come across as remarkably limited and shallow from our Tantra's stand point of Self Enquiry. This site must be read with open space where Eastern mind, which simply means non-dualistic mind, can arise without conflict.

This is a mind which is certainly not limited and controlled by the idea that sex is everything, and understands that our view of the body and its biological functions may not be shared by many other people their methodologies, cultures and civilisations. Every culture has experienced human action and interaction in different ways. All we can do is learn to share and allow others the space to let be.

The practitioners at our Temple are all Western born and raised, so we know what exactly it is that the West has to offer.  We are people who have moved on from the basic sex based rhetoric because the lived experiences did amount to the expectation. Instead of happiness and joy short lived pleasures sex is the cause of much misery. We are the sort that wanted truth and sex offered none. As a mere temporary act not even under the power of repetition can sex become the promised land of lasting joy,true  happiness, and for most part it doesn't bring anyone closer to being fulfilled.

Sex is a social cultural creation. Orgasm, ejaculation, procreation is nature and is not limited to human species or animals alone. The association with orgasm, ejaculation, erection with sex and medical literature is been by propelled by agreed and imposed norms, believes, conventions. Our very nature is diverse and not so contrived and confined to one ideal type, one solution, one explanation. For some the body is a sex machine but for many more the body is the body besides it, it has no meaning at all.

Throughout our social evolution we have accepted norms that today are taken for absolute solid unmovable truth that even in face of a whole new reality of a whole new set of needs, people are fearful or perhaps scared of asking the necessary questions; if sexy is so important to us why making it seedy. If it makes us happy and pleasured why being so gross, brutish, unrefined about the people who assist in that? If its ones right why not come open and clear about it.

If its blissful why contributing towards something that has so many living a life of misery and abuse? So instead of an open debate and mature choices we insist on keeping sex "hidden" (whilst in full view of everyone) under the table in hope of being somehow fully satisfied by being able to impose sex minds upon everything even in places where one is been clearly told as being inadequate for any such sex driven mentality.

Sex is one aspect of life but is not everything. Tantras are not against it or the joys and happiness of it, we simply say Tantra is not the place for sex. When we strip our mind from all form of mental and material conditioning something we call awareness comes to the fore of consciousness. This something is what we traditional Tantras look to live as, since our true nature is Emptiness Peace, Silence, Tranquillity, Joy, Happiness...

Today as always most try to achieve these so called "states" of happiness through narcotics, sexual activity, holidays, money and such outlook seems natural to many, however, a small minority are not satisfied with small instances of happiness, and the effort that goes with it. We wanted the ever lasting effortless ultimate - The Unchanging Truth and we seek it through meditation, self enquiry, enlightenment intensives, and since 1975 through tantra massage - tantra erotic massage.

Despite claims made against our site, our site deal with meditation, self enquiry, tantra massage and tantra erotic massage.  Simply and purely these are the genuine tools of Self Enquiry offered by PeaceQuiet™ Tantra Temple. Is very important for those who wish to visit our Temple to understand that we have our own way of approach and understanding of the human body and we don't make a secret of it.
The images on our site are not contradictory to our statements, they clearly reflect what a tantra massage and erotic massage are about so that people can make a clear choice on whether to try a authentic Tantra Massage® - Tantra Erotic Massage or go elsewhere for sex and nakedness.

We know that a number of natural functions are massive issue for the West as it is for many other cultures. The irony is people insult and verbally attack our practitioners for being rejected for sex the very thing they frown upon. This contradiction "the more we hide the more we seek. The more is out there the more we pretend is doesn't exist, the more we promote it and desire it, the more we pretend to forbid... OSHO called this dysfunctional a form of schizophrenic people can transcend if people become fully knowledgeable of their own bodies.

And the only way we can work with this mind set is to totally discard the core centre of our cultural, social, gendered, behaviours and attitudes which is mind itself. We are not looking to change anyone we simply say that for the duration of people's visit to our Temple please forget about sex, pay no attention to the mind, because this massage is about the body as a vehicle to the awareness of the No-body and consciousness. By this we mean do not approach us expecting us to value or welcome Westernised views and attitudes towards the human body because we see no value to it whatsoever.

The fact we massage the entire body and that we do so unclothed, the fact that the massage makes it clear that the receiver of our massages is free and welcomed to express and respond to the touch in absolute freedom, without judgement, without criticism, without fear does not invite anyone to equate a Tantra practitioner to degrading levels of disrespect we endure daily over the phones, emails and texts. Respect for our practitioners is unconditional and boundaries are well established within our practices, so that both the practitioner and the receiver can operate within the scope of the freedom a tantra space present both at an individual and professional levels.

Shouldn't be a hard thing to understand our position; at least is easy to see how logic it is when comes to judge other cultures. In some cultures men are not allowed to medically inspect a female patient. Women communicate their worries and symptoms through a male relative.  Based on our principles, we "the civilised world" see this sort of tradition as ridiculous for we know that a doctor deals with the body for the well-being of the person, and that sex does not come into it.

The rational of a civilised society should also apply to the way we should respect the fact that Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage and Tantra practitioners deal with body for the well-being and that sex does not come into it. As such we must understand that in Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage the body is regarded as sensual, erogenous (AKA erotic), orgasmic BUT NOT SEXUAL. They see sex as an act, a convention, not a condition of our body.

We must allow our intelligence to allow ourselves the understanding that such world view is shared by billions of people spread across pre colonial India and Tibet. India and Tibet are the mother land of various Tantra Traditions and lineages none of which knew nothing of sex until the arrival of Western missionaries- hence the expression "missionary position" given by Indian to Western men whose Dunghill behaviour (meaning fast up the hill, faster down the Hill, a few coins on the middle of the room, a scorn in disgust and no respect or gratitude to show for), shocked Indian women and the people of that time.
When comes to matters of the body disrespect was in fashion them and still is in fashion now.

Had this behaviour been call Christian sex we would've taken as a severe form of insult and would have objected to that with vigour. Yet we see no offence in attributing "tantric spiritual sex" to Tantra and to India, and we have no qualms in expecting sex to be provided from a Tantra practitioner. The lie has been repeated so many times that its hard to separate fact from fiction. "tantric" sex is nothing more than fruit of our Victorian era it's fears and imagination. No one asked the Indians what the Images outside their Hindu Temples were trying to convey, we simply had it label it in accordance to our projections.

Tantra is for the refined, the simple, the humble. Those who are inspired by beauty, love and respect. Those who wish to directly understand their own individual truth and wish to do so under the guidance of a practitioner who is receptive and available grateful of such honour.  Tantra practitioners are trained and equipped with genuine skills. Tantra Massage - Tantra erotic Massage are not euphemisms these are genuine art forms of touch and human science.

To us the human body is designed for procreation, surely sexual activity has its own role and place in life, but, above all of this our body is the vehicle through which the essence of who and what we are is expressed and is unfolding as life itself. As a vehicle the body is made to be moved by something. We must know, by being it, what is the fuel that makes this garment-vehicle-Temple, body, what it is and what is meant to be.

As a garment it changes, as a vehicle we become more selective of what we transport, as a Temple we are in  recognition of  what is to be worshipped, loved and respected. The West says the spirit moves the body, some other cultures say their ancestors are the key to their existence, In tantra we say the SELF. Self is the fuel that moves the entire world and is the very consciousness that erases not only the world but also the beyond, because these two things ( life and death) are projections of our cultural imagination.

Tantra is name like any other and names we must transcend. To us what is truly important is the pointing conveyed in Tantra methodology of life. So all we do is to convey an alternative approach and understanding about Self.  The tantra massage -tantra erotic massage creates the environment that points directly to Self.

We meet exactly where they are in consciousness. Our Western approach is materialist, the body is almost all that we are, so there is no point approaching from a spiritual perspective because this will be turned into an academic, philosophic, and even religious discussion which is totally the opposite to what we point to. Our approach is non cognitive, non mental; this is a mere recognition and direct understanding. Andro Rothe was blessed in discovering that the body needs no introduction to pleasure, silence, tranquillity and stillness. The body is already the Temple of all of that, therefore the best tool to point us to the no body - to the self is indeed the body. Meditation helps and supports in the seeing and recognition of Self. To Tantra Self is all that there is. This is why Andrea's Massages earned him the right to name is Massage s as Tantra Massage® and Tantra Erotic Massage.

For us it is very simple and clear. Anyone who after reading this site finds it conflictive, and decides that our discipline and methodology is nothing more than mambo jambo should understand that it is so when we read other perspectives with Westernised lenses. Unless we drop what we know and step fully into the direct experience and understanding the outcome of our reading of other views will always be a very poor.
For centuries we have done so without any question, but, thanks to German born Zen monk Andro Andreas Rothe we now have Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage to address the way we have been conditioned to believe that this body has come to this world to be born, live, work, procreate and die.

Andro ask us to question whether sex is the final and ultimate ecstasy. He has helped us see what Indian and Tibetan sages and masters have been saying for thousand of years, and we have not been able to understand. Sex requires the other, its dualistic and will not take anyone to eternity.  Is not a sin its simply limited. Procreation on the other hand serves the purpose of giving continuity to the species.

So unless we are procreating the chances are sex is of little or no relevance at all. Sex is a quick fix but one people are not willing to let go of it for in reality sex is the last bastion of pleasure left for people to enjoy. People's days are consumed with chores and duties and stresses sex or orgasm becomes a quick fix. Andro understood this and looked to redirect our attention to the very reality of our cells. Through a Tantra massage - Tantra Erotic Massage those who are willing to see will rediscover that the erotic sensual orgasmic nature of our body cells is already the constant permanent supply of ecstasy one which is always at our disposal.

Once tapped into the outcome is always peace, joy, emptiness people pay hundreds and thousand of pounds to find in exotic holidays, relationships and partnerships. All of these things can happen but they are not the ULTIMATE TRUTH. Meditation, Tantra, Buddhism have all been taken for religions when in fact this are mere methodologies of being. And again Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are mistaken for euphemisms when in fact these are tools that deal with our Westernised minds, it supports the enquiry into a much wider and less contrived ideas we have of our bodies, our selves, our purpose on this earth.

We ask those who are looking to call or visit PeaceQuiet™ to do so out of wanting to know and understand Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage for what it is A TOOL OF MEDITATION AND SELF ENQUIRY. Trust us whatever you have seen ready about tantra and the massages its not true. We have the authority to say so for we have been trained by the very man who developed Tantra Massage and Tantra erotic Massage.

In addition to this Shakti Verah is a follower of Advaita Vedanta Tradition of Self Enquiry. She is well read in Tibetan tantra. She attends regular meditation retreats amongst Buddhist and Advaita Traditions. Books that associate tantra with massage and sex are written by Western experts. They sell well for they speak a familiar and common language with the West. Such books have no value at all when comes to Tantra or Tantra Massage. Western books on Tantric massage have plenty of value for those who wish to reinforce the Westernised Victorian utopia with a modern twist: love and relationships: man and a woman: the perfect partners find each other have brilliant sex for ever after.

For us Tantras we know that happiness that is dependent on another or someone else is not true happiness; and this is something the very Tantric "experts" have difficulty understanding for themselves. The way out is to one sell tantric sex, and put on a performance of love and bliss that can attract a following and good rates. We know those who follow such alternative way have simply substituted the rules of engagement.

Prior to the "tantric teachings" they used to have mundane sex...after the "tantric teachings" they are now having spiritual sex the so called "tantric sex"; in reality they are having the old same old sex. Sex is sex in Tantra and in Tantra Massage we cannot do anything with it. Is now fashion to say that Tantric sex is a more spiritual form of sex. No its not, tantric sex only exists in Western fantasy. Nothing wrong with it - simply we shouldn't call it tantra.

Sexuality and Spirituality are diametrically opposed. Sex is dualistic requires the other. Spirituality is YOU and can only be so when the idea and the perception of other becomes a practical joke and no longer has hold on you. We are sure that in a century or so Western Tantric movement will come to something useful for the West at the moment they are shy of stating the obvious and they must do so soon or later.

These are people who value sex and see in sex something positive and useful to them and their lives. Being in a society which is totally dysfunctional and schizophrenic about sex and the human body they saw in Tantra images the pretest and the needed support to present their case. The West created a lie to serve their end. At first in British India tantra was a pagan religion reminiscent of more primitive Indian societies. With 1960's sex became OK against the establishment and the resistance because in India there is tantric sex a more spiritual form of sex.

Neither Indians or Tibetans have made such statements, we have therefore it became an undeniable fact.  If sex is OK why not making it their own, why having to shade it with something else which is poorly researched or badly understood. The hope is that Western tantric experts will come to one day realise that sex does not require spirituality or freedom, it requires maturity which is something people lack in abundance. People follow trends as opposed to their own direct and ultimate will.

It is maturity ( the duty to know self)  that Tantra points us to, and to nothing else. This is the maturity we look for in those we welcome into our Temple.
PeaceQuiet™ is directed by Shakti Verah. All the necessary information about Shakti's educational and training background in Tantra, Advaita, Meditation, Enquiry, tantra massage, tantra erotic massage and counselling is available on our certificate page.

PeaceQuiet™ website is concerned with our own ethos, methodology, approach, and understanding to:

1-Advaita tradition of Self Enquiry - Meditation.
2-Diamond Lotus Tantra Massage.
3-Diamond Lotus Tantra Erotic Massage

We ask our readers to pay close attention to key issue around Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage prior to contacting our Temple.
PeaceQuiet™ and Shakti Verah would like to make it extremely clear about the following facts:
a) PeaceQuiet™ is not a brothel

b) Shakti Verah and visiting practitioners are neither escort, nor prostitutes.

c) We are read trained and educated in Tantra.
We are therefore PRACTITIONERS [SHAKTI] not girls.
We do not give details of our bodies. We find such requests offensive, unflattering.
There are images on this site to give an impression of the massage. complements about our beauty and good looks are unnecessary.
Our body is our Temple so please respect this unconditionally.

e) We do not use euphemisms, we don't bite about the bush. We are straight and direct to what we do and to what we want to convey. Massage is an approved science and we mean exactly that. we are not responsible for the way massage is perceived and misunderstood in UK. A society such as this where cars, food, shoes, women, men furniture are all sexy is hard to see how a massage shouldn't fall into the same category and narrow view.

We know when in Rome do it as the Pope, but in our defence we must say that tantra is now offered in the Western but Tantra is not from the West.   We are here to share this understanding not to alter and corrupt our understanding. The fact we have embraced Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage shows that we are open to welcome motivate forms of expression that continue to express the essence of our Tantra truth. Tantra either is or it's not. We cannot fake it or find a mid ground. we are either Happiness which is true being or we are happiness which is a false state of consciousness. There is no third way in Tantra.

f) Although Tantra massage is concerned with every aspect of the body and its emotional make-up we do not address mundane and shallow practices such as sex, relationships, ideal wives and husbands. We are no different in approach to any midwife, doctor and surgeon, they too deal with every aspect of the human body. If you cannot respect us at this level kindly do not call us we do not send conflicting or mixed messages...please drop the Western glasses, and see the rainbow of differences in perception, perspective and understanding.

TANTRA as practiced by PeaceQuiet™ is about the Supreme Direct Self, no one else...nothing else. We use the body to transcend the body, which is the idea that we are the body. We do that in a very pleasurable way. Through pleasure and direct witness of what unfolds for oneself we see the schooling we have been given and the truth that unfolds. True this seeing people can then redefine their view and understanding about their body and more importantly people become aware about a much wider dimension of their body which is the no body.

And we point to this Awareness to be their point of refuse and guidance back to pure consciousness that we are.
Once we have dropped the hold and the view of ourselves all of the above becomes extremely simple. Unfortunately we have to say so much about something which has no saying at all. Unfortunately so many people has turned this Science of silence into profitable selling points. So we find ourselves unmasking the fallacies, dispel the fears, and protect ourselves as we uncover the lies people believe to be hard facts and truth and as people retaliate with verbal abuse, and energetic aggression.

This job is not a jib for the faint hearted. It goes to show how ugly, how ignorant a mind dominated by sex can be. No one needs to live dominated by this "opium of the masses". This is something Marx has attributed to religion but we can see how sex has fallen into the same category. As beings of consciousness we are much greater than this. We hope to welcome you into our Temple where we can share this alternative approach to life with you and with your loved ones.

Thank you,

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