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  1. Its roots history and tradition 

    PeaceQuiet Tantra Temple

    15 long years committed  to  ​inner stillness for universal harmony

  2. Bhagavan Sri Ramana
    Father of non-dualistic direct self-enquiry.

    Advaita founding roots

    "Advaita" non-dualistic tradition of self-enquiry had its roots in XVIII century India, and more precisely with jivanmukta Bhagavan Sri Ramana (1879 – 1950).

    Sri Ramana attained liberation following a period of a frightening sickness which almost claimed his life at the age of 16.

    Known for his contagious state of inner stillness Sri Ramana blesses his disciples with the only teaching he thought worthy of pursuing:  

    "Find out who you are".  

    By knowing self alone you will be set free.

    The enquiry into 'Who am I' is the direct way.

    "I" is the whole truth in a nutshell." "I am", is the primordial focus of enquiry, all else arises from that sense alone.

  3. Tantra Massage and its  founding roots

    Tantra Massage - Tantra Massage were both developed by German-born Zen
    monk Andro  Rothé. The term was first coined by Andro in 1975. Andro is also
    the founder of Diamond Lotus the first Institute of Tantra Massage in the world. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Andro's Tantra (Erotic) Massage precepts:

    • Tantra massage is self-centred.
    • The massage is about self-healing, self-balance,  inner-freedom , Inner-joy, inner understanding. 
    • There is no space for sex in Tantra massage.
    • The giver is not a receiver - the receiver is not a giver.
    • The massage is given through intuition.
    • The massage is free from mundane thinking and mundane expectations.  

    Tantra (erotic) massage is an opportunity for healing. This healing is related to the individual relationship with the body, it's energetic emotional cultural and psychosomatic tendencies for dramas and imperfections. The massage is a template for physical, mental,  emotional balance and inner stability. 

    • 'Self' as seen by Eastern Traditions is the Essence of Tantra Massage methodology, hence the name Tantra being the name of Diamond Lotus massage.
    To fully understand tantra massage the Tantra practitioner must be able to master the essence of Tantra principles. In the absence of true teachings, the massage does become an ordinary massage with little or no Tantra value.

    FACTS to consider. 
    • There is a massage called tantra but tantra is not a massage.
    • Tantra massage didn't come from India.
    • Tantra Massage has never been practised in sacred tantric temples in India.
    • There are no Tantric Temples in India. 

  4. Shakti Verah, also known as Kumari ji , founded PeaceQuiet® in 2009. 
    Initially, a place where people visit to enjoy a genuine Tantra Massage,
    for the past decade PeaceQuiet transformed itself into a sacred space
    where Tantra Massage is used as a tool for Advaita and traditional
    Tantra Teachings. 
    The following resume will not only show the long and arduous
    trajectory Shakti Verah went through to acquire the proper skills, the
    Wisdom and the knowledge but also the uniqueness in the field of
    Tantra Massage and Eastern Self-Understanding .


    • Shakti Verah first became aware of Tibetan Tantra literature while reading  Social Anthropology at University of London.
    2005- 2008
    • She became a direct student of Devatara and Andro Rothe - Diamond Lotus Institute of Tantra Massage   Berlin and qualified as Tantra massage practitioner. 
    • Qualified as Tantra Energetic and Emotional Counsellor - Valerie Velard Naturheilpraxis Berlin. 
    • Shakti Verah Founded PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage Temple in the UK
    • Became follower of Eastern non-dualistic teachings. Master Shivam O'Brien. Attended Enlightenment Intensives - Parvani Hall Ireland - Spirit Horse Foundation Ireland
    • Shakti Verah became a direct disciple of Sri Moojiji Advaita Master of Direct Self-Enquiry. Under Sri Moojiji Verah (Kumariji) became Self Aware. For the two years that followed Shakti Verah remained silent about this Wisdom.
    • Participated in ten days Vipassana Meditation retreat in the tradition of Saya U Ba Khin.  
    • Quite spontaneously, the Wisdom of Advaita Self-enquiry presented itself as the framework of understanding of Shakti Verah Tantra Massage sessions. Having mastered the two disciplines the combination of Advaita and Tantra Massage teachings are Shakti Verah's unique signature.