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School of Inner Value and wellbeing

What we do

PeaceQuiet Pricing
                              WE OFFER

     *Massage for women
    * Massage for men
     *Massage for couples

Our Massages are composed of:
    *  Greeting ritual
    *  Tea ritual
    *  Massage ritual
    *  Washing ritual
    *  Meditation ritual
    *  Sharing ritual
    *  Tantra Massage 
    *  Tantra Erotic Massage


    * Recognise the other side of duality
    * End attachments
    * Emotional healing 
    * Cultivate being-ness.

    * Welcome spiritual  awareness
    * Be Here  &  Now! 
    * Embrace timelessness

    * Meet the lover that will last forever
    * Welcoming emotional security

                 HEALING THROUGH

  * Total surrender
  * Full body massage.
* Freedom from muscular tension 
  * Overcome stress
  * Getting emotionally unstuck

  * Move forward 

  *Strengthen the conscious mind
  * End negative thinking patterns
  * Healing past trauma
  * End tension and anxiety forever
 *Welcome permanent joyfulness & tranquillity 

PeaceQuiet Booking
Learn to live life in a peaceful way. Re-Discover inner harmony. Grab on to this amazing opportunity.

We only live once why not live this opportunity to perfection?  

Through history, Tantra has been known for its life-transforming teachings and enlightenment. 

Our female Tantra Massage practitioners offer Tantra massage & Tantra Erotic Massage & Meditation as tools to communicate such teachings.

We present to you a whole alternative way of life one which is attuned with our emotional sensual and orgasmic reality. 

Shakti Verah has successfully combined Advaita Self Enquiry with Andro's Tantra Massage skills. Since 2009 Verah's  goal has been  simple direct and clear.

Our practitioners are here to point to that which is effortless and spontaneous  and to support those who are touched by the desire for an open and truthful  encounter.  

Our Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage sessions are an opportunity for rediscovery. 

The question is in times driven by innovation what is there to rediscover? 

The answer is this rediscovery is not going back in thinking this is real progress a movement of consciousness from illusion to reality from belief to direct experience, from concept to direct individual truth.

What is there to rediscover?

The real nature of love, peace, joy, harmony, inner space, inner emptiness, timelessness experienced directly as the self.  

The purpose being?!

The end of all illusios including the illusion of suffering, of loneliness, of emotional pain, inadequacy ... imperfections.

We are here to share our Tantra Skills and Understanding. 

PeaceQuiet Prices

We also Love to offer 


               * Counselling
             * Relationships Issues
             * Before  - Divorce 
             * After - Divorce 
             * Before Parenthood
             * After Parenthood
             * Boyfriend issues
             * Girlfriend issues. 
             *Tantra workshops
Advice & skills that can  help resolve issues related to:
        * Lack of Self Esteem 
        * Anxiety and Stress
        * Depressive Moods
        * Sexual Emotional issues
        * A-sexuality
        * Adult Addictions
        * Drug addiction
        * Erectile Dysfunction 

Three days workshops for men and women 
Coming up soon

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