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What we do


We will walk together as we point you to the how to
* Approach Tantra Massage as you would approach a Healing Retreat
* Wake to the Essence of True Self
* Step Into the Mastery of Self
* Be Self Cantered with support from within

JOURNEY within with Tantra tools
* Greeting ritual
* Tea ritual
* Massage ritual
* Washing ritual
* Meditation ritual
* Sharing ritual

*Through surrender
*Full body mind emotional detox from muscular tension, tissue tightness and stress

* Getting unstuck and move forward 
* Strengthening  the no-mind

* Liberating inner consciousness from the toxicity of negative thinking
* Healing past trauma
* Increasing emotional strength and emotional security
* Alleviate the five senses from tension and anxiety.

* End suffering. Welcome joyfulness & tranquillity.

* Reach the  other side of duality &  unhealthy attachments
* Cultivate a relationship with being-ness.

* Welcome spiritual healing through awareness
* Awake up. Self is Right Here Now! 
* Expand fully. The Authentic is limitless.
* Self is the only relationship that will last forever?

Today's Thought 🤔
A state of mind a mind made reality which is nothing more than the fake fragmentation of

Tantra Massage UK
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Daily consciousness  beyond cortex activation.
Live through what you see and you'll live life blindfolded. 
Pierce through the sweet  peaceful inner fog of enquiry and awake to the amazing complexity of Individual uniqueness.
Then share that complete beingness with the world, a lover, children, animals, plants people or remain utterly selfish... it's all the same.
Every movement comes from one consciousness.
Awareness of this wipes humanity of its suffering and of its ugliness.
There is only love and peace, and that is you. You are the only truth. WHO ARE YOU?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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We follow Eastern Tantra teaching and skills of life.
Through the mental, emotional, energetic support and the wisdom Eastern Tantra teachings are known for (Buddha, Dalia Lama & a string of well known Rinpoches teachings) we are all able to welcome life with happiness, joy and grace without ever being involved in spiritual movements, religions or belief systems.

The way we have approached Tantra teachings for ourselves has proven to be the laziest and simplest way.
We used the tools that helped us individually.
In our own way, we persevered until the roles we played gave way to witness the transformation. We witnessed the burden around the need to be happy, and the need for approval, we understood the selfish and self-serving agendas behind the caring, loving, suffering as well as the unhappy and lonely personalities we played with our own selves and others.  

Through this seeing, a spontaneous graceful selflessness cultivated itself effortlessly.  Now, Instead of a need there is an appreciation for the moment itself. Only effortlessness can have a positive and useful (war and conflict-free) impact on our environment, on those around us and on those directly or indirectly affected by our choices, our actions and by the diversity of expressions that we know to be life.

We have learned for ourselves that no matter how bitter, how hard and ugly life can be, at least in our eyes, somehow intuitively we have also known  that there is a higher knowledge, a deeper seeing that taps into a higher intelligence. This intuition exposes the transient nature of everything. In such seeing the abcense of happiness and the presence of negativity are passing fields of consciousness which with awareness, they are designed to pass without suffering. 

Events that could have impacted on the physical, emotional or psychological self, lost their ability to influence one's thinking and one's readings of a certain event. Tantra fully tunes one's seeing to the truthful nature of each unfolding moment. 

Many people we see embrace these tools and skills as they step into the neutral aspect of reality.  Many more look to acquire different skills to the ones we offer. Regardless of your motive or expectation we are also here to offer information on alternative paths and journeys some of which we have been on for ourselves and paths we have witnessed and became familiar with in a very direct way. 

To us spirituality means to balance a tuned up awareness with one's own individual reality.  Such reality cannot be given, sold, bought, or written about by anyone. Reality comes from the deepest sense and pure honest sacred in-ti-ma-cy, meaning Into Me I See. Shakti Verah is here to help you with achieving inner stability the basis for all problem solving. 

May 2018 be the year where you see your deepest desires fulfilled, a life celebrated, not lived and suffered.
Live life as you as opposed to living life divided and influenced by stuff dictated by something or someone outside Self.

Love peace and harmony


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             * Counselling
             * Relationships Issues
             * Pre - Divorce 
             * After - Divorce 
             * Before Parenthood
             * After Parenthood
             * Tantra Massage
             *Tantra workshops

           * Self Esteem 
            * Anxiety and Stress
            * Depressive Moods
            * Sexual Emotional issues
            * A-sexuality
            * Adult Addictions
            * Drug addictio
            * Dysfunction & inadequacy

                Celebrate the rediscovery of self
   Beyond the body-mind dimension & false reality
              See  daily consciousness in a new way
             Be aware of self-repressive paradigms
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