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Beloved Shiva-Shakti,
Welcome to PeaceQuiet Tantra Massage Midlands your little 'piece of paradise' in WEST MIDLANDS. PeaceQuiet Tantra Temple offer an environment of honour and respect for Tantra as a methodology of Life and Wisdom.

Our liberating approach to the human body and its senses, spontaneous orgasmic sensual erotic expressions should not be mistaken for mundane attitudes and immorality. Our Tantra massages are well developed tools. Developed by Zen monk Andro Rothe, Berlin 1975, they have been introduced as Tantra Massage "the Healing Touch".  Tantra "teaching" which is the framework of Andro's Tantra Massages, hence the name TANTRA.

Lingham Massage, Yoni Massage, Mouth Massage, Anus Massage, Feeding ritual, Washing ritual, Energetic Touch are different elements of Tantra Massage as developed by Andro. When combined these elements can amount to either a Tantra Massage or a Tantra Erotic Massage. These are carefully designed skill that require formal learning, time to develop and to mature.

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Most people In UK come to Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage in search of relaxation or straightforward gratifying of orgasmic and sexual nature. Very little is known about the body, much less is expected of the body and nothing is known about the "no-body". The No-body is Tantra highest delicatessen. Given that sex requires both mind and bodies, the question is with no body where is sex?  and... where is the mind too? Mind also requires a body.

Following Tantra, The TAO, ZEN, Advaita Non dual traditions of Wisdom, Being-ness, Liberation and Enlightenment, Tantra Massage, and Tantra Erotic Massage offer an opportunity for profound understand of the body, so that a whole new consciousness can arise and with that a whole new fresh reality to life, work, home, neighbourhood, society and above all self can be possible.

This transcendental experience is in itself one great opportunity for awareness, a whole new way of seeing not only in relation to self and to "others". A blissful alternative to the ways we been thought and have never had the time or the tools to enquire test its validity and use to our most profound truth.

The massage points to a reality which is beyond the gross body, is not attached to believes, cultural, intellectual choices, socially learned attitudes, fashion or concepts. It alert us to one possibility which takes us to the root of our human opportunity.  The life form that we now experience and through which the entire Universe expresses itself, in harmony, peace, love, compassion.

The very things we seek and unfortunately fail to realise that we are already that which we seek for. When we use others, and suffer in pursuit of self through other people and things we are simply falling for the play of our dualistic mind.

Following Tantra, Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage can lead to a state of meditation, to a highest state of consciousness awareness, lasting peace, silence & emptiness of mind & deep state of presence awareness. PeaceQuiet is a place where you can seek guidance and support throughout your Enquiry and contemplation.

If you haven't yet guessed SELF REALISATION is precise what tantra massage and tantra erotic massage is pointing sentient beings to. Everything else which is been offered in the West in name of Tantra, Tantra  Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage,  is Western invention.

Whose fault is it in getting it wrong 
. . . and  for the delay in getting Tantra the credit it deserves.

Genuine confusion extremely poor teachings, misinterpretation, deliberate misinformation, and the unfortunate mistrust the west has generated around the human body are genuine root of tantric sex. Together with financial gains which are behind the sexualisation of tantra and tantra massages (sex sells is the Western attitude) have amounted to what Sadguru calls "Heresy". The West doesn't seen to differentiate between procreation and sex hence the difficulty.

Procreation is a fact a reality of all living cells, we see no problem or morality about it. Tantra leaves procreation for the ways of the universe. Unlike procreation sex is a socially establish behaviour and attitude and powerful political, criminal and moral currency that can bring one person to the high status of sex symbol (David Beckham)  and can  impeach another (Bill Clinton) and ruin the carrier of yet another (Eliot Spitzer). This lack of consistency is a clear indication that sex is dominated by the chaos of our human mind. Mind is never stable it can't therefore deliver stability nor truth.

Tantras understand that whether cultural or natural sex exists, its a fact of life, nothing to add or remove from this. Tantras are not against procreation neither are we against sex. We simple know that like procreation sexual activity has its place and Tantra, is not the place for sexual activity. We know that even though sex seems to dominate our Westernised minds, sex is nevertheless limited and cannot dominate every aspect of our human life. Tantra points to transcendence of all that is not original of our True Pure Mind and Pure Being.

For us traditional Tantra Massage practitioners the human body is naturally orgasmic, naturally sensual and naturally erotic.  Orgasmic, sensual, erotic are mere a-sexual vital forces. If we look around nature we will recognise that as mere vital forces, orgasm, sensuality and erotic, are aspects of nature not exclusive to humans and to animals only.

It is therefore "Intelligent" highly educated and moral human beings that have deemed these words and the body as sexual. In reality we regard the body as mere food and water: energy! The intentions by which we interpret, manipulate our bodies are conditioned to our minds, what mind "knows" and with what mind is opened, expanded, closed or limited by.

Mind adds meaning to meaninglessness, implants ideas of sex in what is clearly meaningless and a-sexual.  Wraps sex with notions of fear, and in a very bizarre twist sexualises almost every aspect of our human existence. Sex is ultimate happiness but is also destruction pain and misery! When we make the "limited unlimited we will suffer!" Sadguru Ibid.

Reality is much simple but does not sell.  Only  1 in a million people has a need to know its real and unchanging truth! Following Tantra methodology of Life our massages articulate through energetic expression which are expressions of vital forces that allow us to sense and interpret the world in such direct and personal way that requires no labels, names or concepts.

Our tantra massage and erotic massage can and will return the body and the awareness of body back to Mindlessness which is Pure Unfolding Emptiness.

Tantra & Massage
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Notice that there are two massages one is called tantra massage and the other tantra erotic massage. BUT tantra is not a massage and has not developed or so far endorsed any massage. Ever. The massages come from Berlin, 1975. Tantra comes from India and Tibet 8th century.

Tantra massage and Erotic Massage endeavours to redirect the receiver's attention beyond this limitation.  The massage takes to restfulness - a complete let go of all believes concepts expectations into the 'Valley Orgasm' - Silence which is beyond "sex and death", beyond mind & body. Osho, "The book of Secrets".

The body will naturally take you back to the spontaneous and natural joy where true satisfaction abides by. This is not a promise this is a fact!  PeaceQuiet use Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage as valid authentic tools of Self Discovery. The massages are just vehicles of awareness  not the end result or the destination.

What is the rate of success amongst genuine seekers...
. . . would I ever get it?

The success is in the degree by which one can fully surrender to the unfolding moment and by the depth by which one welcomes presence awareness as the ever lasting unfolding Self.  There is nothing to be gotten. Self is a direct realisation not cognitive knowledge or an object we can get hold of. Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage presents you the the Direct Recognition of Here Now.  Having a fully trained Tantra Massage Practitioner is a must for anyone honestly seeking a genuine tantra massage. Having a tantra massage practitioner who has come to Direct Recognition of Self is the highest wish one can wish for.

Instead of artefacts of physical nature and speculations of and spiritual levels the receiver will, through the massage, be guided and directed to the Ultimate and the Absolute! The authentic genuine you is Master, as master self requires no teachers, no gurus, no masters. Tantra points your seeing to That!

PeaceQuiet practitioners are all trained in Tantra Massage.  As self realised being Shakti Verah will also point you to the aspects of gross mind, and to the clarity of mind, leaving you to then decide if Clarity is for you. If the a-sexual body, rank lower or higher in authenticity joy and freedom. Try the genuine tantra way with PeaceQuiet!

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