Beloved friends and clients of PeaceQuiet® Warwick.  Shakti Verah was taken ill during her visit to Berlin. Shakti has now been discharged from hospital into the hands of close medical care.  Shakti is now awaiting surgical intervention which has been penciled down for the end of September 2016.

Verah's predicted returning date to the UK has been earmarked by the doctors for OCTOBER, 2nd 2016. Being committed to the practices Shakti is deeply bored convalescing and can't wait to resume the Tantra sessions with you.  
Verah does wish you all Love, Peace and Harmony, 

Call Verah's on her Lycamobile number 0049 152 11896489. 
Say how much you care for her wellbeing.
Encourage her to follow doctor's orders and wait to come back to us in good health. 


Inner surrender for universal tranquility 

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21st September 2016






​​​Master Andro Rothe

  Bhagavan Sri Ramana 

​​  Beloved Shakti Verah





PeaceQuiet® 's  
founding roots from Berlin

Beloved Tantra Massage Master, Andro Andreas Rothe. Father of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage .

German born Zen monk Andro developed and later introduced Tantra Massage in Berlin 1975. This was the year Andro founded 'Diamond Lotus' the first Institute of Tantra Massage in the world.

Andro's work is aimed at responding to many aspects of human existence - from sex, to relationships inner being and  spirituality. 

Much confusion is been made arounf tantra massage with many false claims being made arounf its origin and purposes. Is very safe tosay that Tantra massage did not came from Temples in Ancient India.

Again  Andro makes it very clear that "Tantra massage is self centered,  is all about emotional healing2 and that "there is no space for sexual practices in Tantra Massage" 

Tantra Massage as a space and moment pointed towards the rediscovery of the natural and spontaneous self.

Being Tantra this can only be a self  prior to socialisation, social and cultutal believes, fears, oppressive self alianating oppressive values and taboos. Otherwise what would have been the bases for  calling his massage after Tantra since tantra is neither  a massage  nor have the tantras invented a massage we could refer to today. 

Central to Andro's descourses is the idea of Yin Yang Energy and sexual energy. He regards these as natural enegetic flows of life which are not limitted to human being but its rather the natural pulsation of existance. 

"One should make a very clear distinction between sex which is an human act and sensuality which is a spontaneous energetic flow present in al living form,   We also make the distinction between sex which is a cultural fenomena amongst humans and procreation which is nature. 

Andro Rothe umbroken rules:
The giver is of the massage is not a receiver.
The receiver of the massage is not a giver.
There is no space for sex in tantra (erotic) massage. 

PeaceQuiet® 's  
founding roots from India

Bhagavan Sri Ramana (30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950) gained self-knowledge and was liberated from body mind duality after a period of sickness which almost claimed his life at the age of 16. He lived with an inner sense of freedom which was contagious.

Bhagavan  still is  a well respected Advaita  sage and jivanmukta. Sri Ramana  pointed to his followers that is only through  silence that we come to the 'seeing' of the Universal Absolute that connects and is the Oneness in everyone and everything.

Sri Ramana is said to have remained in silence for 25 years. He lived in Arunachala assisted by followers who became attracted to the silence people did experience in his presence.

Reporters claim his presence was enough to silence people’s mind. To Sri Ramana there was only one teaching, find out who you are. That alone will set you free. 

As instructed seeker of joy, pleasure, love, happiness, peace are. Instructed to  turn  inwardly as opposed to seeking from the outside or through graspingness. 

The enquiry into 'Who am I?' is the direct way. By mere stilness the seeker will see an end to all imperfections of mind and will return to that perfect being that has never suffered any imperfection,, any suffering , any drama.  

"Whatever may be said and however phrased, "I" is the whole truth in a nutshell."

The self is naturally joy and pleasure free and blissful by finding out the answer to "Who am I" one shall encounter the answer to all questions.

Shakti Verah (Kumariji) fonder of 
PeaceQuiet® Warwick UK 

Shakti became aware of Tantra Teachings.

became student of Diamond Lotus, Institute of Tantra Massage Berlin and direct student of Devatara Andro Rothe.

qualified as Tantra massage practitioner. 

qualified as Tantra Energetic and Tantra Emotional Counsellor by Valerie Velard Naturheilpraxis Berlin.

founded PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage Temple in the UK.

Verah became a seeker of non dualistic self-enquiry. She followed Shivam O'Brien Spirit horse foundation Ireland intensives.

Verah became direct disciple of Sri Moojiji.
Under the direct guidance of Sri Moojiji Verah (Kumariji) became Self Aware.

Shakti Verah  (Kumariji)  introduce Advaita Self-enquiry as the central framework of understanding of  PeaceQuiet® Tantra (erotic) Massage.
  Sri Ramana XVIII India Advaita Lineage
Advaita continues running for three  'generations'.

Sri Papaji- Sri Ramana direct disciple, made his Master's teachings more accesseble to a wider public by bring the very essense of Sri Ramana's Silence into words.

Sri Moojiji- Papaji's direct disciple,  filled the teachings with poetry and simplicity which which penetrates our hearts and breaks throught the barriers of our today's thinking.

Kumariji- (Shakti Verah) is Sri Moojiji's direct disciple. Through Tantra Massage Verah is capturing the attention of many people who might not otherwise would have considered Self Enquiry as a way forward, a possibility towards the love, the relationships, the peace, the freedom, the joy, the fulfillment and the tranquility they desperatly struggle to attain. 

The methods used to bring Advaita teachigns to relevance differ from sage to sage, but the essense remain the same, untouched by ideas or circunstances.  

You want joy.
You want love.
You want peace.
You long for a relationship.
So you travel the length and the breadth of England until you reach PeaceQuiet® Warwick. Then you are invited to ponder as to why you have travelled so far when that which you are looking for is not even an inch away from that which you are?

You will look lost, you will sound confused and often say- but "I am not happy. I am not free. I want to become a better person, my relationship is in a mess right now".

Then you hear the good news: This idea that you need to labour for happiness its a very common mistake. We ask you to aim directly at the unconditional.Happiness wish requires hard work is not pure. We point  directly to that which unfolds spontaneously and is not set by any precondition. 

How do we do it?
That's very easy.
In addition to Advaita (non-duality) skill, we also use Tantra Massage As tools for rediscovery and enquiry.We provide the perfect and the most enjoyable framework, of self-expression, welcoming and understanding. We welcome the body for what it is and without any judgement, expectations, criticisms we offer a space of trust and freedom for pure physical and emotional expression. 

The body is one thing but Then there is self where we mistakingly attribute to all our imperfections.  
For 'self' one must travel inwardly.
No matter what the issue may be, what the projection may be, whether you feel lost, unfulfilled due to lovelessness, divorce, illness, loneliness, "stress" and so forward the path for freedom of all imperfections does remain the same: Going inwardly is the only way forward. 

This inner "journey" is the greatest gift you can give not only to yourself but to your immediate environment and to those around you, people which will be directly or indirectly influenced by your behaviour and attitudes. Let your attitude your overall position in life become one of blissful joy and absolute tranquillity. This means to live inspired by the heart's primal desire which is the desire to be true love, true joy, and unconditional peace.   

With PeaceQuiet® you will come to understand that Tantra Massage is not only about momentary spells of phallic pleasure. Tantra Massage is essentially about the primordial, the entire being: mind body and conscious awareness. We invite you to fully enjoy the pleasure of tantra (erotic) massage and to go beyond the basic level of physical pleasures. 

Give Shakti Verah a call. Depending on where you are in life, this could well become one of the most important phone calls you have ever made in your life. Namaste