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Our site requires  love for The Truth and a deep desire to surrender to the truth of one own reality  that remains untouched by trends and fashion games and exploitation.

Welcome to PeaceQuiet™ Tantra Massage Midlands website.
PeaceQuiet™-  is the perfect place for Peace, Tranquillity and Awareness. Our certificate page provides important information about our trainingin Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage as well as the background and the authentic root of Advaita traditions an Methodology of life we do follow for ourselves.  Do feel free to email and enquire directly with our Masters, Sages, Institutes as  provided by our certificate page. Do add the link www.peacequiet.co.uk/certificate to any  enquiry you might decide to make.

PeaceQuiet™ works with non religious Tantra, Advaita and Buddhist teachings of Self Enquiry.
We also work with Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage as tools for Meditation Self  Guidance and Self enquiry.
Most people enquire about  Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage for its  sensual, erotic relaxing aspects.  We do not influence people towards one way or the other, all we say is that the massage is empty of meaning, our touch is neutral. Sensuality, the orgasmic and erotic nature is an aspect of the body itself. We are trained to massage, as is up to each individual to allow him/her self the permission to respond to the touch in an open and truthful way.

We hope our 12 years of experience in Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage and the clarity of direct Tantra understanding will suffice for those who which to be open and genuine with their own selves.  Instead of problem solving we propose a methodology of life that promotes a celebrates what we care for and value the most: happiness. Our massages are a invitation for a total let go. Let go off all which no longer suit us,  no longer is satisfying, be it the mind, the"self", the fiction... dreams and dramas.
Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are genuine and their names are genuine and real.
These are complex massages. Each are formed of different elements we traditionally call rituals:
Washing ritual.
Feeding ritual.
Greeting ritual.
Tea ritual.
Painting Ritual to name a few.

Clearly do not hold a inclusive or exclusive policy.  As traditional practitioners that we are we follow sets of well researched and tested rituals we have taken time and money to learn.
The practitioners at PeaceQuiet™ have been trained by Diamond Lotus - Institute of Tantra Massage in Berlin. Diamond Lotus was founded 1975 by Zen Monk Andro Rothe the very creator  of  Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage, and Yin Yang Massage. Diamond Lotus students are trained to hold a 12 hours long massage.  The array of massage skills, counselling skills,  energetic body work,   means that we can  conduct a massage with intuition and spontaneity. The massage massages itself, we simply follow the flow, the moment as it unfolds, without a fixed agenda and without expectations.
We must understand the difference between Diamond Lotus Tantra Massages:
1- Tantra Massage means a massage which massages the outer Zones of the body.
2- Tantra Erotic Massage a massages which massages the primary erogenous Zones:

Lingam (divine male aspect). Anus . Mouth . Yoni  (divine female aspect) and are not connected with what in the west we would call sexual organs.
We take a Easter approach to the body. To us the body is mere energetic expression, meaningless senses and emotions.
As such we offer an environment of openness and trust where people can welcome and welcome and celebrate one's  very own joy without the fear of judgement or  criticism.

We understand that given the adult nature of Tantra Erotic Massage many people have a hard time understanding that Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are  genuine skilled massages with a genuine tradition to support it. So please don't ask us for sex services, reverse massages, assisted showers because these are made up things and  not authentic and genuine of what Andro Rothe has developed. We don't see anything wrong with reverse massages, and assisted showers, crystal work, naturalism and other forms of Chinese Japanese healing.

All we say these practices shouldn't be named after something as genuine as  Tantra, Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage.  Besides deep tissue massage, Thai massage, naturist massage do not offer the necessary skills  for a Tantra Massage and a Tantra Erotic Massage. In addition to Tantra Massage skills tantra practitioners are required to master tantra teachings and to have done self development which will allow them to know through  direct experience where words have an authentic and genuine meaning and such meaning is transmitted with clarity. This is the point where a Tantra Massage and a Tantra Erotic Massage  is also better understood and communicated directly to each individual.

Ideas such as "block energies" make nonsense and actually sound ridiculous.  The idea that Tantra Massage will help balance mind soul and spirit only reveal that people's are clueless of what they claim to be experts on.  The irony is that the fake are now considered more genuine than the genuine practitioners.  Those who have taken their time to acquired skills and have dedicated years of silence retreats, isolation, and endless months and hours dedicated to Enquiry and Self Development are often been accused of being fake and constantly asked to accommodate and satisfy fake practices and complete nonsense now taken for the real thing which is ashamed for Tantra is indeed a skill of life which  can help people turn their lives around . Anyone can make rosy claims about training and proficiency PeaceQuiet™ is honoured but what truly matters is the will and the transparency in back ours claims with hard facts, easily acquired and fully traceable evidence such as that available in our certificate page.

We ask our readers to Understand that we do not speak in euphemisms or coded language. What we say is precisely what we mean to say:
Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage massages the entire body.
Both men/women are very welcome to ejaculate/ orgasm should they wish to do so.
We have nothing against or in favour of it. Our duty is to provide a space and an environment  freedom and of no judgement.
WE use the massage as a tool of meditation.
We use the body to transcend the body.
The massages are complex.   Tantra requires knowing through direct experience as opposed to a knowledge produced by our cognitive faculties.

Our massages are marked by joy, and pleasure and this shouldn't be celebrate and not construed as fake.
Our massages are about surrender which is ideal for those who may find meditation too hard or too challenging.
We are always very happy to start our session with a Tantra Massage or a Tantra Erotic Massage since the state of meditation arises with massage itself.
PeaceQuiet™ is a trademark which represents a honest and  legitimate business.
In addition to Diamond Lotus Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage, PeaceQuiet™ does also offer  honest and genuine Advaita skills of Life.  We do encourage a 90 minutes session as a minimum time so that the massage develops at a tranquil pass: arrive in leisure. Depart in Leisure is our motto", hour and two hours sessions are also available.
Thank you for reading. Looking forward to hearing from you,

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