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​​​Master Andro Rothe

  Bhagavan Sri Ramana 

​​  Beloved Shakti Verah






Master Andro Andreas Rothe
German born Zen monk known as the father of Tantra Massage.

In 1975 Andro officially introduced Tantra Massage to Berlin and to the world. In the same year Andro founded the first Institute of Tantra Massage in the world.

Andro's work cover many aspects of human existence from sex to spirituality. 

However Andro makes it very clear: "Tantra massage is self centered. There is no space for sex in Tantra Massage".

Tantra Massage offers a space of trust and the necessery skills  to help people return to the  natural and its primordial state of joy, happiness, pleasure and ecstasy.

"One should make clear distinction between a body which is a spontaneous  expression of Nature and a body which has been  engendered and conditioned by Nurture .

Tantra massage is a moment of self honour a blissful opportunity for a return to individual uniqueness and true perfection and this has NOTHING to do with sex."       

Bhagavan Sri Ramana was an Indian born sage.

Bhagavan  was known as the Lion of Arunachala. Father of direct Self Enquiry Sri Ramana lived in deep silence since his early teenage years.

After a spell of illnesses young Ramana feared his own death. Inner intuition leads him to face his death face to face.

The more introspective was the look  the more he became aware of the fact that death is not of the self.  

Sri Ramana is said to have remained in silence for 25 years in Arunachala Mountain assisted by followers who became attracted to the silence and peace that radiated in his presence.

Reporters claim his presence was enough to silence people’s mind. To Sri Ramana there is only one question:

'Who am I?' He instructed us to "enquire in this way, turning the mind backward to its primal state.

"The enquiry 'Who am I?' is the only method of putting an end to all misery..."

"Whatever may be said and however phrased, this is the whole truth in a nutshell."

By finding out the answer to the primal question "Who am I" you shall have the answer for all questions.

Shakti Verah (Kumariji)
HERE NOW  Warwick  UK

Shakti Verah began to practice Tantra Massage in  2002.

2005- Shakti became direct student of Diamond Lotus Berlin.

2008- Shakti Verah qualified in Tantra massage and Tantra Erotic Massage by Diamond Lotus Institute of Tantra Massage in Berlin.

2009- Shakti Verah qualified as Tantra Energetic and Tantra Emotional Counsellor by Valerie Velard Naturheilpraxis Berlin.

2009- Shakti Verah founded PeaceQuiet® Tantra Temple in the UK

Verah went on to follow Advaita non dualistic tradition of self-enquiry. Verah found Advaita teachings close to Buddha, Dalai Lama Tantra teachings.

2010 Verah became direct disciple of Sri Moojiji.

2012 Under the direct guidance of Sri Moojiji Verah (Kumariji) became Self Aware and third removed from  Baghavan Sri Ramana. 

​2014 Shakti Verah  (Kumariji) introduced Advaita Self-enquiry as the central "intelectual framework" to her Tantra Massages. This has brough people  Closer  to traditional tantra teachings. 
Shakti Verah's  ADVAITA LINEAGE:

Started in XVIII India through Baghavan
Sri Ramana Maharshi father of Direct

1- Papaji  (Sri Ramana's direct devotee)

2- Sri Moojiji (Papaji's direct disciple)

3- Kumariji (Shakti Verah) Sri Moojiji's
direct disciple.

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​​"Plunge deep into the heart. 
Live inpired by primal desire.
Know THAT which is manifested as Peace.
Live life through the eyes of THAT which is forever unfolding. "

Shakti Verah
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