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Beloved Reader,

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If you are new to our tradition this page is for you. I have simplified all the fuss around this wonderful massage.

Although developed in the West Tantra Massage - Tantra Erotic Massage was developed as a means to communicate Traditional Tantra Teachings.
Traditional Tantra sects differ in their methods of teachings, in the character of their rituals. They do not differ in fundamental thought and philosophy. Traditional Tantra practitioners all have one inspiration and one goal; salvation from rebirth with the attainment of Nirvana - Enlightenment - Unconditional Bliss.   

Traditional Tantra uses Meditation and complex rituals, whereas PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage practitioners use Touch as a tool and the medium to point to the same goal. 

India - Tibet a-sexual Tantra Teachings BC differ in principle and in philosophy from "tantric sex" and "tantric sexual spirituality".

The terms Tantric sex and tantric temples were first coined in XVIII century British India. Spiritual Sexuality is a movement born in the West its roots established in  XX century Europe - USA.  

The issue is not one of style. The style of Tantra massage can differ and is bound to differ from practitioner to practitioner but by the mere act of adding sex to the Tantra Massage, Tantra and Tantra Massage are no more.

Neo Tantra makes little or no sense when used in relation to India and Tibet. Traditional Tantra doesn't have a new goal, a new inspiration, a new objective; enlightenment still is what has always been since Buddha and since Lord Shiva.  
“Tantra implies a thread connecting the past to the future and thus an unbroken continuum,” with this, Kirti Tsensharp Rinpoche, meant that Tantra is freedom from our limitations based on time bound phenomenal reality.

Furthermore, as Sri Dalai Lama said, "Spirituality marks the end of an ordinary mind but even spirituality must be transcended".  Genuine Traditional Teachings call for transcendence of sex and spirituality altogether, therefore the use of sex to attain higher sexual spirituality should be brought into question.    

One must be extremely cautious in handling material as complex as Traditional Tantra Teachings. We actually need to look at these teachings without our Westernised eyes; they are limited to what they already know. Tantra is dealing with the noncognitive knowing. 

Transcendence means letting go; it doesn't mean more of that which is to be transcended; it doesn't call for the nourishment of that which naturally can't bear fruit. 

Transcendence is let go of body-mind identity, let go without suffering, without despair, without control, without prohibition, without the egotistic play.  

Traditional Tantras know that the Universal Human Desire is Happiness. They understand that every human action is inspired by this universal principle.  

For the Western thinking happiness is at the end of hard work, it comes through the acquisition of material goods such as sex and through the sweated result of the personal struggle. The Tantras say true happiness is spontaneous, effortless, with 'no hooks at the end of the string'; meaning no attachments.

For those who are not comfortable with having their bodies massaged, PeaceQuiet® has other tools to work with; we offer meditation, self-enquiry, Tantra Counselling, Tantra Life Coach. 

For us, Tantra Massage - Tantra Erotic Massage is a matter of choice, not a compulsion. Pointing to the Tantra Traditional Path is our true and only compulsion.
Having done the necessary work in Self Enquiry I have complete faith in Genuine Tantra Massage. Here genuine is determined by the shared goal and inspiration upheld by Traditional Tantra goal - unconditional happiness.  

I use the massage for what it is, one more tool amongst many other genuine tools humans have developed in support of our human existence, a balanced tranquil approach to self and to life.  

When supported with Traditional Tantra Teachings Tantra Massage become a great gift to humanity. without traditional teachings, Tantra Massage is no more. 

Here we equate massage with pure pleasure, not sex. In consciousness, pleasure becomes a skill, powerful enough to bring the necessary transformation we need on our outlook of life, our relationships, our jobs, illnesses and so forward. 

If your life is not overflowing with infinite unlimited peace if you are simply bereaved, fearful, dragging along with a tired and a heavy body; and you've been to see the doctors and you've been told that you're simply burnt out, stressed, or deprived of sleep. 

We say look past the misinterpretations and the fears around Tantra Massage. Regardless of what you have heard, give yourself the permission to explore Tantra teachings and see for your own self what it is that Tantra Massage has to offer to you directly. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you,


Shakti Verah

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