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PeaceQuiet® is a genuine Tantra Temple a space dedicated to all genuine seekers of Peace Silence & Tranquillity. Here we make use of genuine traditional TANTRA Teaching as well as genuine Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage skills.

To us PeaceQuiet®, Tantra, takes on the form of Consciousness. When we say Tantra Massage we mean a massage which is framed by Consciousness, Presence and Awareness. By Tantra Feeding Ritual we means a ritual framed by Consciousness.
We understand that WE are Tantra. Tantra IS. This  IS means SELF. SELF IS.
What IS, is up to each Individual experience one has directly with Self not as knowledge or belief but as the Awareness of Self Itself.

Self cannot be faked or mimicked about. Only Self recognises Self and unless pointed by the Self Itself most people will settle for self as the mind, the body, the profession, the belief system. This non cognitive knowing is available to all but only a handful of "seekers of higher consciousness" will have the courage and the seriousness to "do the work" that is required, hence the misrepresentation surrounding both Tantra and the massages named after Tantra.

Is much easier to portray Tantra as sex, Self as a spiritual entity.
Our tradition follows a tradition of Touch through Consciousness as opposed to sex, neediness, desire, graspingness.
To us the Massage is a tool of Meditation, Conscious and Self Awareness.

Traditional Tantra looks at sharing authentic and genuine Wisdom, as such we can only share our direct Understanding of Advaita Self Enquiry, Buddha's pointing towards non-duality and Hindu Methodology of Being in Life.

PeaceQuiet®  follows a non religious - non spiritual traditions. To us SELF is all that there is... and we transmit this through a Tantra massage & Tantra Erotic Massage and Meditation.

In Regards to Tantra Massages PeaceQuiet® position  is very clear:
1- We massage the body in search of the NO BODY.
2- We enquire into the nature of mind in search of the  NO MIND - Mindless.
Our understanding of the human body is utterly non-sexual therefore uniquely sacred and a-sexual;
The body is a mere vehicle, a medium of expression for the formless self.
The body is a tool for Self discovery.
The body is meaningless.
In our direct understanding living form, including all human body cell, is naturally and inherently Pleasurable *Sensual *and Erotic.
Contrary to what became Western understanding sensuality, eroticism are mere senses and natural expressions of no moral meaning or consequence besides the fact that this are spontaneous unfolding senses and energies.
To us Sex is an act between people, whereas sensuality eroticism are mere vital forces that animate otherwise inanimate living form.
We are not interest in sex of any kind or form of sex including the so called "spiritual tantric sex". To our Traditional Tantra Understanding tantric sex does not exist. Tantric sex has only acquired form with in our Western imagination.
We invite the mind of sex to stay outside our sacred space.
Please Honour our Temple by aiming your Consciousness and Understanding towards Supreme Consciousness; an awareness which has transcended mind as in the form, the material, and the mundane.
Our work is all about supporting people in the direction of consciousness and we make use of Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage (joy, happiness, pleasure) and Meditation as well tested and genuine tools.

For the past 12 years PeaceQuiet® has helped seekers look for a whole new approach and alternative way of being life. Instead of presenting Tantra as a problem solving healing technique, we propose awareness and neutrality. Instead of perpetuating values and utopia enshrined in the idea that Tantra is about  'perfect sexual, spiritual partners' - 'lover and Bliss' we propose surrender and neutrality celebration of whatever is present and whatever unfolds in the here now. Instead for searching outside Self for Union and Unity we propose and point for the ONE WITHIN. Instead of looking towards outside the self in an attempt to find the Self we say stay as the Self ItSelf.

To point to Tantra One must be Tantra ITSELF. Tantra as in Consciousness is not a cognitive, academic, and psychological knowing.  This is A knowing through BEING IT in a  Direct Experiential Way. Reading about it its only food for the intellect...
PeaceQuiet® is ideal place to where limitations, constructs and projections of minds including the tantric spiritual mind can be put to the test. Mind is mind and has to be transcended, it cannot be made better...
Even though we respect and work through emotions feelings and other projections of the mind are not our concern.
SELF as the no body - no mind is all that we point to...
The intellectuals say Its Impossible, we say just put it to the test of conscious awareness and have fun with it, don't be afraid of the discovery:
"the world is mind and therefore and illusion.  In the presence of this ALL academic knowledge is of no use to Self Awareness, Enlightenment, and Discovery.

THE MASSAGES are formed of different elements we traditionally call rituals:
Washing ritual.
Feeding ritual.
Greeting ritual.
Tea ritual.
Painting Ritual...

THE PRACTITIONERS at PeaceQuiet® have been trained by Diamond Lotus - Institute of Tantra Massage in Berlin.
Diamond Lotus was founded 1975 by Zen Monk Andro Rothe the very creator of Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage, and Yin Yang Massage.
Diamond Lotus' students are trained to hold a 12 hours long massage.
The twelve hours are composed of massage skills, counselling skills, energetic body work,  meditation which means that we can conduct our sessions with intuition and spontaneity.
To us the massage massages itself. We simply follow the flow. The moment unfolds.
We have no expectations. To us expectations are limitations. And we are here to point to the Unlimited.
Differences between Diamond Lotus Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage:
1- Tantra Massage means a massage which massages the outer Zones of the body.
2- Tantra Erotic Massage a massages which massages the primary erogenous Zones:
a) Lingham - divine male aspect, b) Anus, c) Mouth, d) Yoni - divine female aspect ARE NOT sexual organs. Sex is in the ambit of the form and here we deal with Formless.
WE OFFER an environment of openness and trust where emotions senses and feelings is welcomed and and celebrate with consciousness, awareness, joy... freedom as opposed to fear, judgement...criticism.
We understand that in most cultures including our western Culture people have a very unease relationship to the human body.
Fear combined with anxiety shame meant that people have a love and hate relationship with their bodies. People are scared and suspicious of anything which might involve physical pleasure. This Victorian attitude has made us very immature, limited and at the same time  vulnerable and  target of excesses.  Our attitude is usually towards repression (no sex)  or anarchy (sex is everything ans everywhere so long its out the way which means literally EVERYWHERE: cars, cloths, food, furniture, shoes, eyes, lips, walk, talk...literally everywhere including spirituality and Tantra, to no major surprise.
We hope to present the alternative to the limitations we have been subjected and dictated to us by the media, fashion and even spirituality and religion. We looking forward to share with you an Alternative which is Pure and Unconditional Neutrality.
Thank you for reading.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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