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PeaceQuiet® is a genuine Tantra Temple.
By Temple we mean, a dedicated space for Traditional Tantra Teachings.
By Tantra we mean a Methodology of Life, a Skill of Being, a pathless Path.
By teaching we mean pointing directly to non cognitive knowing.

Given that Tantra definitions are as diverse as the many ancient lineages we don't invest any time around definitions. PeaceQuiet® is focused on UNIQUE Direct Meaning and Understand.

Mentally we ourselves, don't know what Tantra is.
To us Tantra is... (a word (?)). A Sacred Word.
Tantra teachings are sacred providing they resonate at a level of direct understanding. Tantra points and we follow, until the subject becomes clear beyond doubt.

TANTRA MASSAGE - TANTRA EROTIC MASSAGE Berlin 1975 are genuine tools for meditation and self awareness. The massages focus on the pleasurable, erotic, sensual, orgasmic natural of the body cells. When the body is surrendered then the mind becomes more friendly - neutral and much easier to enquire into its true nature.  The nature of our Beingness becomes clear to any seeker. To support anyone through the Enquiry the practitioner must have transcended the imperfections of mind otherwise the session will be filled with projections and false statements. Shakti Verah supports people with Direct Way as in Advaita Self Enquiry following Sri Baghavam Ramana India XVIII, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj India XIX. Following Advaita Tradition, one is to conclude beyond doubt that Self is the Highest State of Sacredness on Earth. Tantra points to The Mightiness that we are. Our job is to follow the pointing until the mistaken mind recognises its source.

People believe that Tantra Massage • Tantra Erotic Massage (Germany 1975 ) is contradictory to Tantra (India & Tibet BC). In reality they are two wings of the same bird. The former acknowledges the dysfunctional and our dealings with duality the later points to the transcendence of duality. People think Tantra is a massage.  Somehow people have wrongly decided that both are a sort of ancient sexuality from India.

Tantra is misused for lack of honest teaching and absence of honour. Once understood by the "teachers" and "practitioners" themselves there will be no basis for misusing it and more people will seek Tantra not for mundane reasons but as an end to conflict, trouble, noise in their lives.

Tantra Massage • Tantra Erotic Massage are named after Tantra, and as useful & valid as they are the the massages are not Tantra and Tantra is not a massage. A teacher must know why Andro Andreas Rothe named his massages after Tantra. The clue is "without Tantra teachings his massages couldn't have been named after Tantra". The name is very popular but almost no one has understood or worked to understand Tantra or the massages named after Tantra.

People say Tantra Massage is from India. The reality is Andro is a German born Zen Monk. India and Tibet do not know anything about Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage apart from what the West has imported to India and more recently to Tibet. On the other hand most, if not every Western tantric teacher, writers and specialists in tantric sex and tantric sexuality KNOW NOTHING about Tantra. What they do know is about embroidered sex they have taken upon themselves to call tantric sex.

Is safe to say that 99.999% of such tantric teacher don't know the massage, don't know Tantra, all they know is about sex. Perhaps badly because they have not enquired into its history. If they have they must have turned the blind eye over sex role in controlling our thinking and deprive us from a direct relationship with Beingness. Sex has indeed deprived us of Directly Knowing that we are Peace, Love, Tranquillity and above all complete and wholly.

PeaceQuiet® does address sex in the same way Tantra addresses all human defilements because like sex every defilement and imperfection comes from the impurity of mind. Some quarters say that sex is as important in the West as spirituality is the East. The reality is sex more precisely the hormonal compulsive, the need for 'the other' to achieve one's own means, the desire to use 'the other' for one's own intent is now an universal fact. Sex which initially was a preoccupation for Western dualistic view of the world now dominate our thinking and even has a hold on our inner most spontaneous and sacred behaviour. We must understand this in the same fashion we do with any other compulsion or desire.

The desire for sex is not different from the desire to become a more spiritual person, they both demonstrate a misunderstanding about the nature of Self. Desire is an indication that something is not complete or that something is missing. The consequences of our desires vary in degree, but desire is not qualitative in nature. Desire is the root of all suffering and ignorance. If we are to ever move forward from our inner emotional psychological instability we must dismantle our mental & psychological hierarchy of defilements and imperfections so that we can cease the imperfection of mind.
And Tantra is been misunderstood precisely for this  encouragement to people in allowing them to satisfy their minds to the full but with consciousness and awareness. The Western mind immediately thinks, "OK, all I need is find a nice genuine masseuse to have all the sex with". "I got it! All I need is the perfect tantric partner with whom I can explore deeper into my heart, spirituality and my soul". And everyone is after satisfying their sexual needs only in a "more" spiritual way. But Tantra says thta who speaks of needs is speaking on your behalf, such one is not you. You are the Absolute. You as the Self know of no need,no other, no soul, no spirit because you as the Self you are complete. Such supreme Self does not come into time to know or mix with transient, temporary and mental phenomena! Sex is perfectly fine like all other human action is fine, but it cannot deliver anyone to eternity.

We don't preach, we welcome people from the place where they are. The place is in the Right Here Now.  If sex is the place where people's hearts are we PeaceQuiet® start right from there. Sex is not a problem, the problem is when our intelligence, feelings, emotions, sensations, joy, pleasure, sensuality, eroticism,Pleasure is hijacked by sexually dominated mind.

We don't repress sex the same way we wouldn't repress any other feeling, desire, or emotions. If we can accept and respect the fact that your body needs a glass of water, we are also intelligent enough to accept the fact that your body flow is naturally Orgasmic Erotic and Sensual.

When desire arises together with all its emotional sensory content we encourage people to honour that by being in the moment. We provide an environment of trust, of no judgement, no criticism, no expectations because we do not want to give anything to the mind and to the intellect. Pleasure is purely a manifestation of energy at the cell level and chemical activity.

We encourage the body's natural sensuous orgasmic flow without putting labels or names onto anything. Our Tantra massages are completely a-sexual because sex is in the mind. the body does not know anything about sex. The body like all living beings are programmed to procreate. Our biological clock is a tuned to procreation, it doesn't know sex. Only human beings know of sex because sex is been developed by human beings, it is a factor of the human mind. Hence the trouble. Mind is too impermanent and is never satisfied, how could sex ever be?

Tantra Massage encourage us to desexualise our body. The massage is enormously joyful a joy like no other. This alone offers the perfect environment where one can openly welcome the true nature of their unique bodies which is naturally sensual, erotic, orgasmic and neutral in nature.

In Sutra teachings Buddha encourage us to abandon attachments, and in Tantra he encourages us to transform ourattachments into the spiritual path.  In reality Buddha teaches Tantra as a inner realisation that protects living beings from ordinary appearances and conceptions, which are the root of suffering.

Buddha taught Tantra as a method to transform worldly pleasures into the path of enlightenment.  Tantra heals our mental continuum and  awaken our Buddha Nature. And we PeaceQuiet® can only help people achieve this understanding by accepting and welcoming where they are right here now and together walk the pathless path to full understanding and realisation of Self.

YOU as the Self you are the most sacred on earth. But so long as you continue to see yourself as the body and the body as an instrument for sexual satisfaction, the essence of what you are will not shine through to you and lighten up the entire universe with your Wisdom and Grace you have been born as.

Its only when the No Body and No Mind is clearly understood by Direct Experience that one can chose whether their body is a playground for the "Mundane" or whether the body is a medium through which the "Sacred" expresses itself as Self. The mundane lead us to illusion. The sacred to Wisdom and Sacred Understanding.
We hope that our approach and commitment to the truth will offer people the courage to overcome their suspicions about TANTRA and about Tantra Massage in particular.

NOTICE that our whole focus is on Pleasure Peace Joy Happiness. Massage is not compulsive in our sessions. We can clearly point to Self through Meditation andAdvaita Self Enquiry.
The giver and the receiver of the massage must remain fully unclothed through the massage.
For meditation we advice that you wear lose and comfortable cloths. We provide sarongs for comfort.

TANTRA MASSAGE PROTOCOLDiamond Lotus Berlin 1975:
We massage on a Mattress on the floor.
we use oil
shower is compulsory.

METHODOLOGYDiamond Lotus Berlin 1975:
We massage fully unclothed.
The receiver of massage must remain Unclothed throughout the massage.
Tantra Massage: The entire external zones of the body are massaged.
Tantra Erotic Massage: the entire external zones of the body are massaged in addition to the primary erogenous zones.


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Shakti Madana
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