PeaceQuiet® is a Private Tantra Massage Temple.

Founded in 2002 by Shakti Verah, PeaceQuiet is a sacred space designed to hold Traditional Tantra Massage, Traditional Tantra Erotic Massage, Meditation, Self-enquiry, Tantra Counselling and Tantra energetic body work. Our skills are shared through our one to one session, workshops and group meetings.

We use Tantra massage as a tool. Having been named after Tantra, the massage suggests that the outcome will be our most wanted peace, love, happiness and harmony.

At PeaceQuiet we don’t particularly like the term relaxation in connection to Tantra massage.  For PeaceQuiet Tantra massage is a moment of trust free expression of emotions where feelings sensations of body cells are encourage, and laughter even tears are welcomed.

Having allowed the body to celebrate itself in an honest authentic and sincere way the only way mind can relate to this is to let go of itself and of its own projections.

Relaxation on the other hand is about stillness, nothing to do, surrender…silence. This sense of stillness can arise with massage and is encouraged so long as it is not used in suppression of spontaneous and free expression.

PeaceQuiet® offers a space of trust no criticism no judgement. Our aim simple and uncomplicated, we point directly to lasting inner peace, lasting inner silence and lasting abundance of inner tranquillity.

We make no promises besides the fact that we are here to support genuine enquiry. PeaceQuiet is not kin on concepts as we leave all belief systems and theoretical work, including spirituality aside. We are only concerned with essence which for us it means that which is prior to any projection and the idea of tangible form.

Through the recognition of mind versus no mind many have been able to locate the source of imperfections and the nature of that which has influenced their thinking.

Tantra Massage can bring one’s attention to the doorstep of wonderful choices. Follow projections, transcend ordinary thinking or stay neutral. In doing so we kept ourselves truthful to the essence of who we truly are.

This is how we like to work with Tantra massage skills and how we understand Eastern Tantra teachings. Our understanding comes from direct experience which are are honoured to share with genuine enquiries.

PeaceQuiet® website does offer detailed information about our approach, our tools and methodology.  Please read our terms and conditions, our privacy policy including the small printing.

Follow the links if you wish to book your one 2 one session.  Maybe you rather read more about our Shiva massage, Shakti Massage or maybe you are more interested in Shiva-Shakti Massage.

Our pricing page offer a brief resume of the possibilities under a massage chosen by you the receiver. If massage is not for you why not try meditation, or even a traditional Tantra counselling session which can help shift unwanted emotional burdens.

Our skills are diverse so we can easily tailor a session that is relevant to you, drop us an emailSign up for news alerts, we will keep you informed of all future events and up-coming meetings, tantra massage retreats, and meditation workshops.

If you would you like to work with us that’s perfect providing you are happy to embrace our asexual, non-dualistic traditions. We are here, should you need our support contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our page,





What we do

We help individual carve a path for emotional stability, mental and psychological wellness. We do point towards a self who is naturally joy, sensual, orgasmic and pleasurable but also silence peace and harmony. We use the following tools:

For that we use the following tools:

  • Energetic body work
  • Greeting ritual
  • Tea ritual
  • Washing ritual
  • Meditation
  • Sharing our understanding in Advaita Teachings


Who am I / What is self the answer to this is central to our work.

  • Recognising dysfunctional duality
  • Awareness of what is real
  • Cultivate neutrality
  • Celebrate the Here  –  Now
  • Embrace timelessness


Our practitioners are trained and qualified in Tantra Massage. Shakti Verah is a follower of Advaita. Their lives are dedicated to Tantra way of life.

There are here to share their individual experiences and direct understanding with you.  Is up to you to them taken what you deem useful to you and the way you wish to experience your own life here on earth. Respect our boundaries and our practitioners unconditionally.

For the interest of safety and security we will record people who call to insult or disrespect our practitioners with offensive requests.


We do welcome your donations.

A donation is not the same as paying for a session. A donation is when money is offered in support of cause or mission set up by PeaceQuiet.

Help PeaceQuiet

We welcome help from voluntaries experienced in administration, media, and photography and film production.

  • Administration.
  • New ideas.
  • Donate your skills, your time and expertise on media, photography and film production.
  • Help us spread the good news PeaceQuiet is right here Now!

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